Watch the WrestleMania Kickoff Show, Alexa Bliss Talks Nia Jax Strategy (Videos), Triple H On Takeover vs WrestleMania

Above is the WrestleMania 34 kickoff show stream.

WWE has released the following video featuring Alexa Bliss talking strategy before her match against Nia Jax at WrestleMania tonight:

Triple H On Takeover vs WrestleMania

Triple H recently spoke with Sports Illustrated ahead of NXT Takeover last night and WrestleMania 34, and during the interview The Game had the following to say on Takeover setting up WrestleMania:

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“It’s a different vibe,” said Levesque. “Shawn [Michaels] and I were talking earlier in the ‘Gorilla position’ about the different mindset. When you’re doing it yourself, there is a control level. When somebody is doing it, you can do all the prep you want, and then you can either watch it fall apart or watch a grand slam.

“The show we try to put together for WrestleMania is different. You just adapt to it.”

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