EVOLVE 102 Results (4/5): Zack Sabre vs Matt Riddle, Sawa Comes Out of Retirement, Ospreay vs AR Fox, More

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EVOLVE 102 Results
April 5, 2018

Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

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Theory mocked DJZ’s entrance gear saying that he “looks like a damn Christmas tree”. The former IMPACT star takes down Theory with a series of quick arm drags and hits a pose, which prompts the air horn noise from the sound guy; Theory was not happy about that. DJ won another exchange sending his opponent flying across the ring and got a little bit cocky doing the pose again, but this time Austin attacked him from behind screaming at the sound guy to knock it off with the obnoxious air horn sound.

Austin hit a standing moonsault to the back of his opponent for two, then slowed things down with a side headlock. After several minutes DJZ battled back and connected with a sit-down jawbreaker but tried to come off the second rope and got caught with big neckbreaker. DJZ got the win but I have no idea how since FITE TV on the Roku Player is literally unwatchable.

Winner: DJZ 

– Theory cut a promo after the match freaking out claiming that he was “screwed” and the referee didn’t see DJZ tapping out. He called out WWN Champion Keith Lee ahead of their match tomorrow at EVOLVE 103 and demanded that the title be put on the line, and that they should put it on Facebook Live for free so all the world can see him becoming the new champion. Theory said that EVOLVE is just a stepping stone for him to get to WWE, and once he beats Keith Lee to become the new WWN Champion he’s taking it straight to WrestleMania Axxess.


Nice exchange to kick things off as the two lock up in the center of the ring, trading counter for counter as they both looked for an early window. Ospreay sent his opponent to the floor with a big headscissors takedown but Fox narrowly avoided the followup dive sliding back into the ring. There’s still a serious amount of damage done to young William’s neck after that brutal war he was involved in with Marty Scurll this past weekend. Fox’s groupies gather around him and Will teases another dive, but bounces off the ropes and taunts all of them instead.

Fox gets his first advantage after Ospreay went after one of the groupies on the apron, and the Lucha Underground star immediately took advantage blasting him in the back of the neck. They slowed things down with Fox brutally assaulted the neck all over the ring, stomping a mud hole in the corner as his girlfriend (possibly his wife?) taunts on from the outside with the rest of the gang. Eventually Ospreay came off the ropes with a springboard lariat to give himself some space, but he’s still in a ton of pain. Probably legitimately. He fired off with a series of back elbows in the corner and got a step-up enzuigiri, firing up the crowd in the process.

Ospreay flew through the ropes to take down two members of Fox’s posse, then kicked off another one to hit a tornado DDT on a fourth. Crazy spot. Fox again took advantage of the distraction dropping the IWGP champ down on the edge of the ring with a sick neckbreaker. They took a little too much time taunting though, and Will shocked everyone with a Sasuke Special over the ropes, taking down like 9 people at the same time. He came off the top rope with a diving lariat, but got caught looking for the Oscutter as Fox hung him up in the ropes and narrowly stole the win with a handful of tights. AR climbed the ropes looking to put things away but crashed and burned on a Swanton Bomb attempt.

An insane sequence broke out as Ospreay hit a snap release suplex but Fox came back and dumped him on his head with a huge German suplex. Two more suplexes and the two started traded wild rights and lefts, before Will came out of nowhere with a running Spanish Fly! 1…2… NO! Fox off the ropes but he got caught out of the air with a massive sit-down powerbomb. Ospreay hung him up in the ropes and climbed the ropes, but the woman at ringside distracted him and Fox was able to hit him with a crazy leaping Spanish Fly from the top! The 450 Splash connects! 1…2…NO!

Both guys are now beyond dead and beyond frustrated at not being able to put things away. Ospreay battled back with all the strikes he had left in the tank, and once again flew to the outside taking out the gang. Corkscrew flash kick connects to the back of Fox’s head. OSCUTTER FROM THE SECOND ROPE! 1…2…3!

Winner: Will Ospreay

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