Xavier Woods Reveals Details Behind Rejected Show Idea He Pitched For WWE Network

As noted, WWE stars Zack Ryder, Matt Hardy and Xavier Woods were the guests on the this week’s new episode of ‘WWE Table For 3″ on WWE Network, and during the show, the guests discussed how their use of social media helped them during their pro wrestling careers.

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During the show, Xavier Woods revealed that his UpUpDownDown YouTube Channel spawned out of a rejected idea he pitched for a WWE Network show, and Woods explained the following:

“I wanted to have a show on the [WWE] Network where I go to different arcade bars around the world, because I always go to them when I’m in town. And just take a crew and say, ‘hey, this is what’s good to eat here, this is what’s good to drink and these are all the arcade games that they have’. So it’s kinda like a Travel Channel show. And [WWE] said, ‘no, we don’t want that, that’s stupid.’ So I paired up with a guy in the office who when I went to try and make a YouTube channel that was run by a talent, and he said ‘why don’t we make a gaming channel’. We were in talks for a year before we actually got the greenlight to do it.”

Woods went on to say that WWE originally wanted the show to be completely in-character and that Woods and whoever appeared on the show would not be allowed to stray from current WWE storylines and Kayfabe, but that is not what Woods wanted. Wood added it took about a year for WWE to budge on that issue before he was allowed to really execute his vision.

You can watch the entire “Table for 3” episode via WWE Network.

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