WWE Raw Results (6/25): Ziggler Defends IC Title Against Rollins, Bayley Finally Retaliates Against Sasha!

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JUNE 25TH, 2018
Live Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Kurt Angle is in the ring with Constable Corbin. Corbin demands to be announced as Stephanie McMahon’s personally appointed Constable of Raw.

Kurt says that last week he made his announcement about the person that would face Brock Lesnar next would be the person that would win the multi-man match at Extreme Rules. However, Paul Heyman over the weekend has brought doubt to the match due to complications with Brock Lesnar’s status with the company. Angle wants to set the record straight as he wants to guar….

And out comes The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Reigns comes out to the ring and gets in the face of Baron Corbin. Roman says to not mind him, he just wants to hear whatever explanation that Kurt has to give face to face. Kurt tries to talk again, but he is interrupted again, this time by Bobby Lashley. Lashley says that he deserves to hear the news too. Lashley says that Roman has had three years of repeated chances, and the only thing that he can’t beat Brock Lesnar, and he should finally walk away.

Roman says that he should walk away like Lashley did 10 years ago. He went to MMA, and clearly he didn’t make an impact there. Lashley tells Roman to not question his background. He says that he will face two guys, three guys, four guys, or as many guys as he needs to.

Kurt cuts him off and he informs the two men that there will no longer be a multi-man match at Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar pulled out of the deal and will no longer be defending his championship to the winner of that match. Roman says it’s like always and Brock does whatever he wants. Lashley says that maybe he is like the people and sick of seeing Roman across the ring from Brock all the time. Everyone is sick of Roman and Brock just wants a real challenger. Roman tells Lashley that now that they both don’t have matches at Extreme Rules, maybe they should just go one on one now.

Kurt stops them and says that they can face off at Extreme Rules, but before it goes any further, the Revival comes out again, just like last week. And just like last week, they talk about how the two biggest egos get all the opportunities again. And just like last week, they challenge Roman and Lashley to a match, and just like last week, the match is made.


Lashley & Reigns hit two big back body drops on Dash & Dawson, sending them up and down, and then out of the ring. They double team Scott Dawson, but Dash Wilder comes back in and sends Roman out of the ring. Dawson comes back and starts to take it to Lashley. He tags in Wilder and Dawson drops WIlder onto Lashley.

WIlder pushes Lashley into his corner, and he and Dawson start to hit punches on Lashley and then hit a double suplex. Wilder goes for the pin, but Lashley kicks out at two. Lashley gets up and hits a clothesline out of nowhere! Wilder tags in Dawson, but Reigns is tagged in as well. Roman takes it to The Revival for a few seconds before setting up for his Superman Punch. Dash and Dawson run to the outside to avoid Roman, but Roman follows and hits a drive by onto The Revival.

Back in the ring, Roman throws Dawson into the turnbuckle hard, and the hits Dawson with a big Samoan Drop. Lashley is tagged in and he takes down both Dash & Dawson, before hitting Dawson with a HUGE spinebuster and then a hanging vertical suplex on Dash. Lashley sets up for a spear, but Roman tags himself in. Roman hits a Superman Punch on Dawson. Lashley tries to tag himself in to finish the match, but Roman Reigns refuses, even though Lashley is the much fresher guy. Wilder, the legal man, rolls up Reigns, and the referee counts the three and The Revival picks up the victory!

Winners: The Revival!

After the match, Lashley has some choice words, highlighting Reign’s selfishness being the cause of their loss. Roman looks angry and Lashley leaves.

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