Watch: Sasha Banks On Talking Snack, Ric Flair Clashes With Harley Race, Top Maneuvers From Titans Pack

WWE uploaded the latest Talking Snack video yesterday as Cathy Kelley continues her new show as she was joined by Sasha Banks.

The episode is Thanksgiving themed as the two ladies make a chocolate mousse pie and discuss what they do during Thanksgiving as you can see below:

Ric Flair Clashes With Harley Race

In another video, WWE uploaded from its Hidden Gems series showing an old-school moment where Ric Flair and Harley Race clashed in the ring. You can see it unfold below:

Top 10 Maneuvers From The Titans Pack

WWE 2K19 recently released its Titans Pack which included War Machine, Bobby Lashley, and EC3 as downloadable characters and in WWE’s latest Top 10 countdown video the company shared the top 10 maneuvers that came from that DLC.


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