Jinder Mahal On How Vince McMahon Reacted to His WWE Title Reign, Fans Not Liking the ‘Punjabi Prison’ Match

WWE star Jinder Mahal spoke with Gorilla Position over SummerSlam weekend, and below are some interview highlights.

On if not being on the SummerSlam card frustrates him:

“It’s motivating to me. It’s motivation to me because I see where I was last year, WWE Champion, unfortunately this year I don’t have a match [at SummerSlam]. So, I could be disappointed, I can play the blame game, or, I can look deep into myself, ‘what am I doing that I could do better to make sure that I was on this card, and I gotta go back to what made me WWE Champion, so next year I can be Universal Champion or WWE Champion to main event SummerSlam.”

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How Vince McMahon and WWE reacted to his WWE Title run:

“Vince was very hands on with me. Each match that I had, each segment that I had, each promo that I had, I would come to Vince first and ask for his advice. Vince is great, he loved it. I was WWE Champion for six months, main evented many PPVs. It was actually one of the longer reigns they’ve had in a couple of years.”

On fans not liking his Punjabi Prison match against Randy Orton:

“It annoyed me until Vince wrote me the check, then I said ‘ok I’ll just wipe my tears with this.’ It’s part of the game, everybody has their own opinion. The WWE Universe is very vocal, they’re very vocal about what they like what they dislike. That’s the thing, they pay, they buy a ticket…”

You can hear more from Mahal in the entire video player above.

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