Aleister Black Calls Out Ciampa’s Insecurities, Braun Strowman Celebrates Bikini Day, Steph Congratulates Rousey

With the NXT Championship match between Aleister Black and Tommaso Ciampa now confirmed, both men have begun trading shots at each other online.

Ciampa was the first to say something, originally claiming that Aleister Black had a terrible body, and the NXT Champion has fired back claiming that Ciampa is simply hiding his own insecurities.

Aka: Some people make me insecure, so I am going to tell them that they are insecure and point out what I think are character flaws but really I am relaying my own insecurities because that’s all I can come from. I have to because all there is to me is camo pants and meany tweets

— Devil's Blood (@WWEAleister) July 5, 2018

Braun Strowman Celebrates Bikini Day

Yesterday was National Bikini Day and whilst the day was spent with many women posting images to Instagram, Braun Strowman took the time to show himself flying down a slide into a lake instead.

In honor of #nationalbikiniday here’s a video of me going down a #slipinslide in #slowmotion at the @monster_arms #4thofjuly #party #monsteramongslides #strikeapose #shortyshorts #hellyea #eatyourheartout

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Stephanie McMahon Praises Ronda Rousey

With Ronda Rousey officially being inducted into the UFC Hall Of Fame last night, Stephanie McMahon has taken to Twitter to praise the Baddest Woman On The Planet for the accolade. Stephanie thanked Ronda for how she helped change the fighting world for women.

“We changed what it means to fight like a girl.” Amen Ronda! Congratulations @RondaRousey on your induction into the #UFCHOF! Thank you for your fearless leadership and for changing the lives of girls and women everywhere! #NeverSayNever!

— Stephanie McMahon (@StephMcMahon) July 6, 2018

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