Triple H Comments On The Undertaker vs Goldberg, Discusses Negative Fans

Triple H recently satdown with Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport where he discussed the recent match between Goldberg and The Undertaker.

On the Super ShowDown match:

“It’s humanly impossible in this moment. It was like wrestling in a sauna, it really was. And there was those moments like when you step out of a sauna and you’re like ‘jeez, I’m lightheaded I might pass out’ – it was so ridiculously hot. And you put pressure on yourself and everything on top of that, so it’s a lot.”

On negative fans:

“But yet if they saw Goldberg or ‘Taker they would be like in awe and speechless. It’s just the craziest thing.”

Triple H went on to say that people would say negative things online about wrestlers, but they would love to meet them in real life.

Source :

Talk Sport

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