Sami Callihan Shows Respect to Tessa Blanchard After Historic Slammiversary Main Event

Sami Callihan defeated Tessa Blanchard on Sunday at Impact Wrestling’s annual Slammiversary event in Dallas, marking the first time an intergender wrestling match has ever headlined a pay-per-view for a major televised wrestling promotion in the United States.

Cutter on the ramp!



The main event bout was as violent as predicted, with the inhumane Callihan overpowering his opponent at nearly every turn. Blanchard would not stay down, however, proving to the world that she is one of the best wrestlers on the planet, regardless of gender.

Tessa nearly had the match put away on multiple occasions, connecting with a jumping cutter on the entrance ramp early on, and delivering an incredible diving Magnum from the top rope. Callihan continued to kick out at every turn, and after utilizing his baseball bat as well as not one, but two different piledrivers, scored a big victory over the former Knockouts Champion.

Interestingly enough, the normally ruthless, borderline psychotic Callihan showed an uncharacteristic sign of respect to Tessa Blanchard following their incredible Slammiversary main event. Instead of his usual post-match assault, Sami instead offered his opponent her golden baseball bat and left her in peace, perhaps the first time the “Death Machine” has ever exercised restraint, or shown respect to anyone.

.@Tess_Blanchard gave @TheSamiCallihan way more than he expected…

What a night. #SLAMM17


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