Chris Jericho Talks Feuding With Dean Ambrose, Taking A Bump On Thumbtacks, More

Inside The Ropes recently shared a clip from their show with Chris Jericho where he broke down his feud with Dean Ambrose in WWE.

On Mitch the potted plant:

“I was doing a feud with Dean Ambrose and we decided that we were going to start ramping things up, but it all started when we did a Highlight Reel and originally, it had the Jeritron 5000 and over the years they just started disappearing. I was basically doing it with nothing, so Dean Ambrose was like”I should bring a potted plant or something.”

“My idea was that at some point I will use this plant as a weapon and finally the idea was that I would hit Ambrose with a potted plant. I told Vince and he said, “this is stupid, where are you going to get a plant from?” And I told him there has been one in the ring every time I do one for six months. So I hit him and the only thing anyone talked about was the plant and some genius gave him the name of Mitch.”

On the idea to destroy his jacket and taking a bump on thumbtacks:

“The idea for the revenge was that Ambrose would destroy my jacket, the idea was I bought a jacket and I blinged it up with more diamonds but from a distance, you couldn’t tell the difference. Vince’s original idea was that he should do cartwheels down the ramp. He proceeds to destroy my jacket, Ambrose is hitting it with a hammer and tearing it to pieces and the thing is still blinking. Then we had the Ambrose Asylum and Ambrose was like”shall we ask if we can use thumbtacks” and I was like yeah, go for it, you can take a bump in the tacks.

Vince said no originally but Ambrose kept on it and Vince allowed the tacks and the original finish was for me to win, and then he changed his mind and then I thought I have to take a bump into them. If you are going to take a bump in a thumbtack, it has to be the finish. We have the match and outcomes the tacks and finally, he grabs me and once I landed, oh my god. The worst part is once you go down it’s hard to get up as you get stabbed by more, it was awful but I wanted to get the most out of it so I made them count all 68 tacks, it’s no fun being hardcore, save that shit for the indies.”

Please credit Inside The Ropes for the interview and H/T to for the transcriptions.

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