AEW Dynamite Results (12/18): Can Jungle Boy Survivor Chris Jericho?

AEW Dynamite ResultsĀ 
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We kick things off with Kenny Omega and Rey Fenix in the ring, with a huge atmosphere to kick off the show. The two men go back and forth early on with some brilliant exchanges as they look to take control, which Omega does as he plants Fenix headfirst.

The Cleaner then goes for the One-Winged Angel, but Fenix escapes and makes the tag, which also sees Hangman Page enter the match. The two men square off and play up to the crowd as they then begin trading chops and forearms.

Page eventually levels Pentagon with a big boot and he and Omega then begin teaming up to hit double hand chops. Pentagon changes things up though by getting a finger poke into Omega, but he quickly regains control by sending him to the outside.

Kenny then flies over the top rope and takes down both of the Lucha Brothers on the outside. As they return to the ring, Fenix takes advantage of the official not looking as he grabs Hangman’s legs, allowing Pentagon to get a superkick shot in.

The Lucha Brothers then hit an impressive double team, but Kenny gets back in to stop the pinfall attempt. Omega then returns to the match, but his attempt to continue the offence is reversed by Pentagon putting his legs up.

With Fenix taking out Hangman, the Lucha Brothers take advantage of the numbers game, isolating Kenny. Eventually sending him to the outside, Fenix flies through the ropes and sends him into the barricade.

Mid-way through the match, a member of the Dark Order quickly flashes up and disappears.

Omega attempts to throw Fenix into the ropes as we return to action, but he spins around on the ropes and hits a hook kick. However, as he tries to continue the attack, Omega hits a powerbomb and follows it up with a huge running knee strike to the face.

Kenny attempts to make a tag but Pentagon runs in and takes out Hangman Page again, keeping this to a two-on-one advantage. Despite that, Omega fights out and Hangman returns to action, hitting a big boot to Fenix and a dropkick to Pentagon on the ring apron.

Omega takes both men out and then flies out of the ring at both sides, going back and forth to take each opponent out. Back in the ring, Omega hits several running clotheslines into the corner and then hits a dropkick, which he turns into a moonsault to take down both men again.

Once again though, Fenix turns things around with a Facebuster after rocking Hangman with another huge kick to the face. Pentagon then scales to the top rope, but Hangman meets him up there as he hits a massive fallaway slam.

This allows Omega to return, as he launches Fenix into Pentagon in the corner and as he pops out he is taken down by Hangman. The Cleaner begins to pick up the pace though, but his V Trigger attempt misses and Pentagon follows it with a slingblade.

Hangman then gets back involved to help Omega out, and that allows him to catch Fenix with a huge knee which he follows with a snap-dragon suplex to Fenix. The Elite team makes a mistake though, with Omega holding Pentagon for the Buckshot Lariat, he avoids it and Page accidentally takes out his partner.

The Lucha Brothers take advantage of the mistake as Pentagon launches Hangman Page out of the ring as Fenix takes out Omega again from the top rope.

Winners: Lucha Brothers

After the defeat, Hangman Page goes face to face with Kenny Omega as the two men begin shoving each other. However, before that gets too heated, PAC appears on the titantron.

He says he is yet to receive an answer from Omega, so he is going to remind Omega what he is capable of. He then tells the camera to follow him as he goes into the locker room where Nakazawa is sat, unknown what is going on with his headphones on.

The door then shuts and Omega heads to the back, but when he gets in there nobody is to be found. As he continues to search for PAC, he is attacked by the Lucha Brothers, but Hangman Page comes to his aid.

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