WWE Heat Report (12/09/07) Taped in North Charleston, South Carolina

WWE Heat Report-9th December 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Greetings. Just 24 hours away from Raw’s 15th Anniversary show let’s see what Heat has to offer. Three matches on cue and we begin this week with……….

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Brody Chase & Kirby Mack
Big pops for Londrick. Kendrick and Mack exchange hammerlocks. Mack reverses an armwringer into a side headlock then lands a shoulder tackle. Kendrick comes back with a leapfrog, armdrag and armbar. Londrick deliver a double hiptoss before London takes over with an armbar and splash on the arm. Mack gets London in the corner for some shots. London reverses an Irish whip, Mack sends London out to the apron. London drives his head into Mack’s gut and comes back in with a sunset flip for a nearfall. London delivers an armdrag to Mack. Londrick take it in turns to land shots to Mack’s arm from the top rope. Chase runs in, Londrick duck and Chase knocks Mack through the ropes. Chase then gets double dropkicked to the outside. Londrick nail pescados on the heels then high five some front row fans. Kendrick puts Mack back in where Kendrick lands a cross body from the top rope for a nearfall. Mack goes to the corner, Kendrick charges into a boot. Mack clotheslines then tags in Chase. Chase punches and kicks Kendrick then throws him down by the arm. Chase hooks a cross armbar, Kendrick starts to punch free as Mack blindtags in. Chase knees Kendrick and Mack takes over flipping down onto Kendrick’s arm. Kendrick groans in pain as Mack presses on his arm. Mack goes for a slam but Kendrick slips behind and tags out. London connects with a one legged kick to Mack on his way in. London follows up with a forearm, backelbow, dropkick and headscissors. Mack reverses an Irish whip but London gets his feet up on a charge with the momentum spinning him out to the apron. London leaps back in over the top rope with a clothesline on Mack. 1-2-broken up by a Chase boot. Chase clubs at London’s back as the fans boo. The heels go for a double suplex on London but Kendrick pulls London down and Londrick double dropkick the heels. Chase rolls outside. Kendrick hits Sliced Bread # 2 on Mack. London follows up with a standing Shooting Star Press. London covers 1-2-3. Great opener and showcase for Londrick. Mack has potential. Here Are Your Winners: PAUL LONDON & BRIAN KENDRICK. Post match sees Londrick celebrate as Coachman puts them over as the most exciting Tag Team in WWE. It’s a damn shame that WWE currently doesn’t care about its Tag Teams.

Santino Marella vs Super Crazy
Santino is greeted by boos as he gets some mic time. Santino brings up the 15th Anniversary of Raw and how it’ll show some of the greatest moments of Raw. According to Santino everyone knows the greatest moment was from Milan, Italy when he became Intercontinental champion. Santino asks the fans to imagine if one of them had the same opportunity as him as one of them could even face him. If they were to beat him they may get an opportunity to become a WWE superstar. They could leave their stupid, boring lives behind, travel the world, be admired by millions and even have a cult following like he does. Santino looks around the crowd before deciding that nobody looks worthy to get an opportunity. Santino says it’s too bad and laughs as Super Crazy makes his way out to piped in crowd noise. Grisham likens this match to an Italy vs Mexico World Cup Soccer match. Coachman thinks no-one cares about soccer. Boy is he wrong. He should come and say that in England and see the response he’d get. Santino flexes at an unimpressed Crazy before both men work the crowd. Santino motions them to kiss his ass. Santino takes Crazy down with a throw then a sweep. The crowd get onto Santino who takes a bow. Crazy comes back with a single leg takedown, snapmare, la mahistrol cradle, drop toehold, dropkick and clothesline. Crazy forearms Santino in the corner then Irish whips. Crazy misses a splash as Santino perches him on the corner. After Crazy falls to the mat, Santino works over his ribs with some shots. Santino stands over Crazy playing to the crowd and gets caught in a sunset flip for a nearfall. Santino works over Crazy’s ribs with a gutbuster and several more shots for some nearfalls. Crazy surprises Santino with a schoolboy for two in a messy sequence. Santino drives his head into Crazy’s ribs, stomps, Irish whips and drives his head into the ribs one more time. Santino motions one more time and Irish whips but Crazy floats over a charge, turning it into a sunset flip for a nearfall. Santino goes back to working over the ribs for a nearfall before stretching out Crazy’s rib area. The referee spots Santino using the rope for extra leverage and forces him to break. Crazy gets his knees up to thwart a splash. Crazy gets some rib shots of his own in. Crazy slams then hits two double footstomps and stiff kicks to Santino’s chest. Crazy nails a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Santino cuts off a rope whip by driving his head into Crazy’s gut. Santino delivers a sloppy looking rolling front DDT for the 1-2-3. Santino’s mic work is a lot better than his in-ring work. Santino would fit a role similar to Matt Striker’s current one a lot better. Glad to see he finally looks to have a finisher although he needs to work on it a little. The match had good heat but was sloppy. Here is Your Winner: SANTINO MARELLA. Post match, Santino theatrically and literally trumpets his success while feigning shock at winning. Santino shows his ‘Italian’ passion before leaving up the ramp.

The Highlanders vs Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly
Main Event time. No reaction for the Highlanders. Rhodes and Holly come out together to Rhodes’ music. Holly is more over than Rhodes as the crowd start a ‘Hardcore’ chant. Robbie pulls at Rhodes’ arm so Rhodes shoves him into Rory who falls off the apron. The referee stops an angry Rory from getting in. Robbie cowers from Rhodes. Rhodes waistlocks Robbie who misses with a backelbow. Robbie backs off again as Rhodes clenches his fist. Robbie then Rory gain the upperhand with some shots. Rhodes reverses Rory off the ropes. Rory lands a shoulder tackle. Rhodes comes back with a leapfrog and hiptoss. The crowd pop as Holly tags in. Rory scurries to his corner and slaps in a reluctant Robbie. Holly wrenches away on Robbie’s arm while taking shots at his head. Holly ties up an arm then rams Robbie shoulder first into the ringpost. Holly takes Robbie down before dropping a leg onto his arm and applying an armbar. Robbie manages to punch free then send Holly off the ropes. Holly counters a hiptoss with a slam for a nearfall. Robbie comes back with punches and an Irish whip. Holly gets his feet up on a charge then pulls Robbie back into the corner for three knife edge chest chops. Holly chops Rory off the apron for good measure as Grisham remarks he saw a nipple fly into the audience. Holly suplexes Robbie for a nearfall. Rhodes comes back in with a top rope shot to Robbie’s arm. Robbie sustains some elbows before kneeing the gut and tagging out. Rory charges into a hiptoss. Rhodes hammerlocks Rory who elbows free. Rhodes dropkicks Rory then Robbie. Holly runs in to clothesline Robbie over the top rope. As the referee is busy with Holly, Rory sends Rhodes off the ropes and Robbie pulls them down which takes Rhodes to the floor. We cut away for a Raw 15th Anniversary plug then a commercial break. We return to see Rory working over Rhodes then pulling at his arms with a knee wedged into his back. The crowd starts a small Cody chant. Rory cuts off a fightback by headbutting Rhodes back down. Robbie takes over with a couple of chinlocks and shots to the back. Robbie front facelocks Rhodes as Rory drops a headbutt across his back for a nearfall. Rory slugs away with punches to Rhodes’ head. Rhodes tries to punch and elbow his way out of the wrong corner but Rhodes runs into Rory’s front facelock and knees to the head. Rory drives Rhodes back first into the corner. The Highlanders deliver a double suplex for a nearfall. Holly looks on concerned as Robbie wedges a knee into Rhodes’ back and stretches out his arms. Rhodes punches free but Robbie telegraphs a backbodydrop attempt with a boot to the head. Rory cuts off a tag attempt before Irish whipping Rhodes’ back into Robbie’s knees. Robbie drops two double axehandles across Rhodes’ back for a nearfall. Rory and Rhodes exchange punches before Rory catches Rhodes on his shoulders. Rhodes manages to counter into a sunset flip for a nearfall. Rhodes and Rory cancel each other with clotheslines and both men tag out at a referee’s seven count. Holly attacks Robbie with a series of punches, a shove and dropkick. Rory breaks up a cover at two then turns his back on the apron. Holly punches Rory to the floor before turning into a Robbie boot. Holly cuts off a rope whip, gets Robbie on his shoulders, spins him silly then hits the Alabama slam for the 1-2-3. Not bad. An okay match. Cody Rhodes needs to properly connect with the crowd as they were into Holly a lot more. Here Are Your Winners: CODY RHODES & HARDCORE HOLLY. Post match sees both men get their arms raised to Holly’s music. Holly then poses in the corner.

Grisham tells us to get ready for the 15th Anniversray of Raw to end the show.

Best Match: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs Brody Chase & Kirby Mack.
Worst Match: Santino Marella vs Super Crazy.
Show Verdict: Thumbs in the middle.

Heat may be a special edition next week due to the big Raw being filmed tomorrow night. Speaking of Raw I’m looking forward to getting surprised and seeing some old faces return. Who knows maybe some careers will get re-ignited as a result? Anyway until next week, take care and have a good one. Shaun.

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