WWE Heat Report (08/19/07) Special In Studio Edition

WWE Heat Report-19th August 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Todd Grisham (In Studio)

Due to Saturday Night’s Main Event being taped last Monday along with Raw there were no Heat tapings this week. Instead we got a show dedicated to the return of Rey Mysterio and Triple H who are both due to return at next Sunday’s SummerSlam. In-between running returning vignettes for the two here’s what aired:-

Highlights from the Royal Rumble 2006. After Triple H and Mysterio dispose of Simon Dean and Psicosis we cut to the final five. Rob Van Dam eliminates Carlito and Rey Mysterio then eliminates Van Dam, Triple H and lastly Randy Orton to win.

Smackdown-May 2006: Rey Mysterio defeats JBL in a title vs career match. Rey lands a tornado DDT onto a chair followed by a 619 and drop of the dime to win.

Smackdown-October 2006: Chavo Guerrero makes Rey Mysterio say ‘I Quit’ after hammering Rey’s knee with a chair as Rey hangs upside down on a steel girder.

No Mercy-October 2002: Triple H with help from Ric Flair defeats Kane via a pedigree to unify the Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Titles.

Raw-February 2006: Triple H pedigrees Rob Van Dam to win a triple threat match which also included Big Show to advance to a match against John Cena at WrestleMania.

New Year’s Revolution-January 2007: Rated RKO defeat DX by DQ after Shawn Michaels takes out both men with chairs following Triple H’s quad tear. Post match Triple H pedigrees Edge on the announce table while Michaels puts Randy Orton through the spanish announcers table with an elbowdrop from the top rope.

Grisham hypes up Rey and Triple H’s SummerSlam matchups before signing off to end the show.

Heat returns next week in its much loved normal format. Check out my 1PW ‘Invincible’ report. Shaun.

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