What You Didn't See At No Mercy Last Night

Thanks to reader Tim Ellis for submitting this live report from last night’s No Mercy in Portland:

My son and I attended No Mercy at the Rose Garden in Portland Sunday Night. It was the first live event for both of us. The arena was full except for a small portion of the upper bowl, which was taped off. From the parking garage all the way to the opener the Ric Flair wooo’s were insane.

The dark match was Miz and Morrison vs. Carlito and Primo. Very good opener. Carlito and Primo were very much over, especially Carlito. All four got good offense in. The match ended when all four were in the ring and Carlito hit the Backstabber.

Lillian Garcia looked good and sang even better. Her singing of the anthem got one of the bigger pops of the night.

Interestingly, Jerry Lawler got as big of a pop as JR. No Matt Striker, which had a lot of fans wondering.

We were sitting up high on the opposite side of the pyro and we still felt it big time.

Crowd was really hot for Matt Hardy and Mark Henry. Hardy working over Henry’s knee really looked effective. Great opener.

Candace Michelle looked very awkward. I was disappointed that Beth and Santino didn’t get much of a reaction.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio was very pedestrian. However the end spot looked incredible. Best looking spot from our point of view all night. Rey might be legit hurt as they took a long time getting him off. He was carried the whole way. If he was just selling, he did a good job.

The MVP, Orton, Team Priceless and Punk angle was just too long and didn’t make much sense. Randy Orton got a huge pop on his entrance. It really surprised us. Rhodes had a loud boring chant over his mic work. Very little reaction for the confrontation at the end.

JBL and Batista had a fun but too short of a match. Batista was so over. Really the only match where the entire crowd was for the baby face. JBL did a great job on his post game promo. The boos were so loud you could barely hear him. Easily got the most heat of the night. Nice pop for Sgt. Slaughter. I could hear a lot of people asking who the women were with Cryme Tyme.

Undertaker getting knocked out by Big Show stunned the crowd. I don’t think it came across well live. I could hear a lot of people asking what happened. The arena was dead quiet while Undertaker sold like crazy. He was flopping all over the ropes while the replays were being shown. It really baffled us.

Triple H got a slightly bigger pop for his ring entrance, but Hardy got a slightly bigger pop during the intros. This split of the cheering continued until the last half of the match when Hardy became the overwhelming crowd favorite. The crowd really came alive during this match and continued during the Ladder Match.

Ladder match looked great live. All the big ladder spots got huge reactions. The crowd was eating it up.

After it went off the air, HBK slowly walked back up the ramp and got a good send off from the crowd. Lillian Garcia came to the ring step to thank us and tell us that a SmackDown/ECW taping would be here in Portland on Feb 17.

All and all a very good show. As we were leaving the arena, the buzz was split between Hardy almost winning and the ladder match.

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