Umaga's Return Advertised, Developmental Camp, Elijah Burke Update, Goldman

— WWE held their first developmental tryout camp in Florida last week over the course of five days with about 40 potential talents forking over $1000 in hopes of landing a contract from the company. The plan was for WWE to inform talent yesterday if they had been selected for a developmental deal, reports Nothing concrete has come out yet. John Cena, Melina, Mr. Kennedy & others took part in the camp, giving feedback to Steve Keirn & John Laurinaitis. And as reported earlier, WWE held a tryout at Ohio Valley Wrestling headquarters last month. Only one wrestler was offered a contract (Gavin Garrison).

— Umaga is being advertised for the January 6, 2009 SmackDown taping in Lafayette, Louisiana. They are advertising a match featuring Umaga, Big Show & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jeff Hardy, Undertaker and Triple H for the show. Umaga has been out of action since early August due to injury. [Thanks to Devin Cutting of]

— Elijah Burke, who hasn’t been seen on television since late May, posted the following note on his official website (}: “But fear not! Just know that, “MY COMEBACK SHALL BE GREATER THAN MY SETBACK!” ~ YOUR Pope has Spoken!” Burke also posted blogs on TMZ, O.J. Simpson, Kimbo Slice getting knocked out, and more. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported a few weeks ago that he was one of the many residents of Texas without power for weeks due to the effects of Hurricane Ike.

— Scotty Goldman has posted a blog talking about his “failed runs” with the likes of former WWE tag teams Power and Glory, Demolition, and The Killer Bees. You can read his blog at the following link.

See rare photo of Umaga holding a TNA belt

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