TNA Finally Announces Scott Steiner Will Not Work Tonight's PPV

– TNA finally posted an official announcement that Scott Steiner would be unable to work tonight’s Slammiversary PPV due to the trachea injury that he suffered in Puerto Rico. Below is their official statement from

TNA Wrestling would like to inform our fans that Scott Steiner will be unable to compete at tonight’s “Slammiversary” Pay-Per-View event.

As many online fans are aware, Steiner was recently injured during the TNA live event in Puerto Rico. The TNA star was kicked in his throat and required emergency surgery to repair his damaged trachea. As a result of the surgery, Steiner could not fly home from Puerto Rico and has been there with his family since.

TNA had hoped to set up alternative travel arrangements for Steiner so he could be in Nashville in time for tonight’s Pay-Per-View. However, we were unable to do so as he is still under doctor’s care in the hospital.

TNA management director Jim Cornette will speak on tonight’s Pay-Per-View regarding the situation.

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