SI Contacts Randy Savage, Stone Cold Misses Mania, WWE Signs Football Player

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— the1mcjensen sent in the following… “I read that Austin was backstage at Mania this evening. I don’t believe that to be true as I got a picture with him at the airport at 5 pm leaving for Los Angeles.” In recent interviews, Austin had been mulling over staying for WrestleMania. He always likes to come for the Hall of Fame ceremony to see old friends, but usually doesn’t stick around for the pay-per-view.

— WWE has signed Ryan Bishop, 27, to a developmental contract. He is a former tight end for the New York Giants. He was on the Super Bowl champs’ training camp roster last season, but apparently didn’t make the team as there are no NFL profiles or stats on him. He has the size WWE likes as he is 6 foot six and 255 pounds. He is currently learning wrestling in Florida Championship Wrestling. He played college football at the University of Hawaii. You can see his NFL head shot from last season at this link.

— The March 15 issue of Sports Illustrated has a story on 80s steroid dealer Tony Fitton. In the story, Fittons claims that he was distributing steroids to a “good few in the WWF.” The article said that he watched WWF on television, and didn’t like Randy Savage due to his TV persona, and so he didn’t trust him. However, one of Fitton’s clients, John Minton a.k.a. Big John Studd, vouched for Randy Savage as a person, and then agreed to distribute steroids to him. Sports Illustrated attempted to contact Savage for the story, but didn’t return their calls. The connection between Fitton and Big John Studd was pretty well known during the late 80s.

See pics of how Randy Savage looks like now!

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