Rock Praises Kurt Angle, TNA's Subliminal Message Angle, Beautiful People Headline

— BBC News out of the UK recently conducted an interview with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talking Olympic wrestling, which you can listen to at this link. Johnson mentioned Kurt Angle during the interview. “I’ve got a good buddy named Kurt Angle who’s just an outstanding wrestler,” Johnson said. “Kurt won the gold medal in 1996 with a broken neck, he was unbelievable. I’m not kidding, he’d actually broken his neck and still won the gold in his weight class.” He also added, “I’m always blown away by the amount of discipline and hard work it takes for those Olympians to get where they’re at.” For more on Johnson’s comments, click here.

— TNA is apparently doing some sort of subliminal message angle to promote their upcoming TNA Impact video game. It’s based on a made-up masked character in the game named “Suicide,” who’s probably going to be introduced on television when the game comes out. They have a website for the character, which you can find at The website then re-directs to a MySpace page, which you can visit at reader Devo sent in the following regarding TNA’s first subliminal message regarding the character, which ran this past Thursday on Impact:

During the Aug 14th taping of TNA Impact I noticed a black flash on my screen during the Christy Hemme and Taylor Wilde match. It shows up during the beginning of the match after Hemme gets arm dragged. I hit rewind on my Tivo and did frame by frame and saw that the subliminal message was “”

I went to that site and got redirected to a MySpace page. The ‘About Me’ is rather interesting:

“It comes and goes…my memory…the flashbacks…waking up on the side of the road…the blood…the pain…how did I get here?…the surgery…the anger.

The only thing that is clear…the only thing that makes sense…is to get revenge. Try to remember. Find them. Make them

My time will come. TNA will soon know me. But I must remember to be patient. I’m not ready to unleash him yet. I’m not strong enough yet. But I will be soon.


— The Beautiful People – Velvet Sky & Angelina Love – headlined last night’s NWA Legends show in Charlotte. The duo defeated ODB and Daffney in the show’s main event.

See pics of Abyss UNMASKED!

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