Ric Flair Sates He's Still With WWE; Retiring In The Next Year

The following article appeared in the Long Island Press:

DOVER, Del.–Ric Flair didn’t say he’s back with World Wrestling Entertainment.

According to the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, he never left.

On Saturday, Flair was at Dover International Speedway as a guest of Roadloans.com, the title sponsor for the day’s NASCAR Busch Series race.

During a press conference, Flair announced that he is working a limited schedule with WWE, and never gave notice that he was leaving the company.

“Those reports were totally incorrect,” said Flair.

But curiously, the press release from the track that preceded Flair’s appearances described him as “currently retired” from the wrestling business.

Flair spoke in glowing terms about WWE, noting that Chairman Vince McMahon could run NASCAR if he had a month to get up to speed. Those comments stand in stark contrast to Internet rumors that he was leaving the company due to dissatisfaction with the storylines he’s been offered.

Flair did say that he plans to retire from wrestling within the next year, as he wants to spend more time with his family, including playing with his kids.

“I have a new, beautiful young wife. She’s very rewarding. I like playing with her, too,” Flair said of wife Tiffany, who was sitting 20 feet away. Flair’s quip was one of many that had the media in stitches.

Fans hope Flair’s WWE work can be similarly entertaining as he winds up his career. But Flair added that he has been given no assurances about creative direction.

“They don’t do that,” Flair said of WWE. “And I wouldn’t expect them to. I’ve earned the right to retire on my own terms, but I don’t see myself as bigger than the WWE. If it works into a storyline that works with the program, then I’m happy with it. If not, we just walk away one day and say goodbye.”

That said, Flair has an idea of how he would like things to go.

“If I could write that script, I would just say that I would be in a marquee position…I would like to wrestle a marquee guy, a big name, in my last match,” Flair said. “Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, John Cena…I would love to wrestle in a marquee position in a marquee match and just have my finest hour.”

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