More Details On Ric Flair Wanting To Quit WWE


As we reported yesterday evening, Ric Flair gave his notice to WWE because he was unhappy with the direction of his character; however, the two sides are still in talks in an attempt to patch things up.

We are now able to confirm that Flair actually gave notice that he would be leaving a few weeks ago, far before reports of the Signature Pharmacy steroid scandal broke. Flair knows that he is near the end of his legendary career, but he is still sick and tired of the way that he has been used in the company. With all of the recent suspensions (on top of the already thin roster from injuries), Flair’s bargaining position within the company has certainly improved for WWE to offer him a bigger role.

WWE is doing all that they can to get Flair back and are even working under the assumption that they will be able to patch things up. One source told us that Flair has been dealing with some personal issues involving his children lately which have affected his mood.

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