John Cena Injury Update – More News On His Surgery, Recovery, & Rehabilitation


Former WWE Champion John Cena underwent surgery last Wednesday under Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama to repair his right torn pectoral muscle. The exact severity of the injury was unknown until he was opened up where doctors could take a closer look. It was then when it was discovered that the tendon had been torn all the way off the bone. Cena was not medically cleared to work No Mercy because six days would have allowed the tendon to begin shriveling up, making it less likely he’ll make a full recovery and a tougher surgery.

Dr. James Andrews has confirmed that Cena hurt himself when he did his version of a hiptoss on RAW two weeks ago during his match with Ken Kennedy. Andrews was surprised that Cena was able to finish the match and called it a devastating injury.

As has been reported earlier here on the site, the expected full recovery time for Cena’s injury is anywhere from six months to a year, with the most likely scenario calling for him to be out eight months. The chances of Cena working next year’s WrestleMania are just about zero.

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