Jim Ross: Hardy's HOF Status, The Wrestling Media, Cruiserweight Title, More

Jim Ross has posted yet another blog entry on his official web site. Below are the highlights:

– I would like to see a few two out of three fall matches on TV this next year, as they seem to be TV friendly, as at the end of a fall the commercial break could naturally come along and upon the return to the action the next fall could commence.

– From where I sit, wrestlers do not have to be 6’2”/250 pounds to be stars in today’s marketplace, but what do I know?

– At the end of the day, who do short matches on TV REALLY help? The winner? The loser? Or no one??

– Why do some fans who obviously read a fair amount of the wrestling internet, feel compelled to create personally insulting signs to be displayed on TV? I can remember one such sign right after I came back from one of my bouts with Bells palsy that said, “J.R. Has Lost His Smile!” Nice…

– I would rather see a wrestler, even if it were one of my favorites, lose by pinfall or submission ANY DAY, than by a lame disqualification or count out.

– As a viewer, is it really necessary for wrestling announcers to yell at me for the duration of their broadcasts? I know I have been guilty of this and it is akin to crying wolf.

– Why does it seem that so many longtime fans love WWE 24/7, even if they don’t watch the current product on a religious basis?

– It would seem that the Cruiserweight Title is not a priority, not that it ever was. I do not know the long term status, but my guess would be that it is in “hiatus” for now.

– I have endorsed Gordon Solie for the WWE Hall of Fame for years and while I have “some influence” with certain individuals in the company, I am extremely content to have less influence now, than I did when I was immersed in the corporate world and living in Connecticut. As are many internet theorists, this one is not totally accurate, but closer than some I have read.

– I think it is ridiculously early to talk of Jeff Hardy’s Hall of Fame status. Plus his WWE Title reign he seems anointed to have, hasn’t and may not even occur, as time alone will tell. This is a “cart before the horse” sort of thing. Perhaps we should let the scenario play out before Jeff is rushed into the HOF and crowned WWE Champion.

– I definitely do not think that all the wrestling media are bad, by any stretch of the imagination. However there are some who seemingly feel compelled to focus on the negatives of the business and spend much less time on the good side while covering bad news or running with inane rumors, as if they were hard facts. I want to believe that most of these folks are wrestling fans, but frustrated because the creative content that they see weekly on TV isn’t their cup of tea. I can relate to that, in general. However, those in the wrestling media that are overtly negative are simply following the trend of the national media as our society is apparently more interested in bad news, the never ending coverage of tragedies, gossip, dirt, and scandal. I don’t blame anyone in the wrestling media for that, as this is a societal issue and as long as there is a market for it, people will continue to provide it. It’s akin to the TMZ TV show and their coverage of the dirt and gossip, which many people that I know enjoy. It seems to be working for them. When’s the last time a show from Nancy Grace, Hannity and Colmes, etc. focused their hour of TV on “good news”? If they did that, their all important ratings would die a natural death. I have read many wrestling news items involving myself that I knew were wrong or grossly embellished, but that goes with the turf. I am oftentimes satirized or made fun of, on various websites or in newsletters, because of what I write here, as many people think I should be more harsh and caustic regarding my “day job.” Dying on the hill of “I don’t like the creative, so therefore I am going to quit in protest” would be about as stupid as the reporters or fans who suggest that I do such.

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