JBL Launching His New Energy Drink "Mamajuana" This Week

Source: WWE.com

This Wednesday marks a milestone for JBL’s Layfield Energy … and an historic day for men.

Inspired by the centuries-old Caribbean legend of a similar namesake, John “Bradshaw” Layfield unveils a revolutionary and all-new product in male performance: Mamajuana Energy. This special formula whose lore boasts the capacity to combat everything from exhaustion to the common cold is being brought to the United States by the media maven, himself. At last, this energy potion becomes available tonight at 6 p.m. ET, exclusively online at www.mamajuanaenergy.com.

Forming a partnership with leading nutraceutical company Baywood International, Inc., the former WWE Champion spent the greater portion of a year concocting the 2-oz. shot of non-alcoholic liquid energy.

“This is virility, vitality in a bottle,” a highly excited JBL told WWE.com in a candid interview. “We’re going to have wives calling us ordering [Mamajuana Energy] for their husbands. There is nothing like this – and that’s not exaggeration, that’s not Don King hype.”

According to JBL, Mamajuana is an “alternative, all-natural replacement for Cialis” and other similar products, unique in its potency and available without a visit to a doctor or pharmacy. He also added that the flavored serum has received strictly positive feedback from every single male who has sampled it, no matter their age – and JBL is among them.

To commemorate the premiere of Mamajuana Energy tonight, JBL will host a private launch party at one of the most exclusive bars in his Big Apple backyard of New York City. With an invite list that includes everyone from ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons to WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, JBL will be toasting Mamajuana with friends, business associates, media and celebrities alike.

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