Hulk Says Linda Can Support Herself & Shouldn't Get Alimony Or Child Support

Source: St. Petersburg Times

A new article published yesterday by Tampa Bay’s “St. Petersburg Times” has revealed a lot of new information regarding the Linda and Terry Bollea divorce. Here are the major points:

– In a counter-petition to his wife’s divorce suit, Terry Bollea, widely known as wrestler Hulk Hogan, said his wife can support herself. Bollea contested everything from his wife’s alimony and custody claims to the couple’s marriage date.

– According to court documents, Terry and Linda Bollea separated about a month after their son Nick’s Aug. 26 car wreck.

– Linda Bollea is seeking an unspecified amount of alimony and child support. She also wants custody of their son, subject to “liberal visitation” with his father. Terry’s counter-claim says that Linda is capable of supporting herself and helping support their son Nick.

– The petition also says Nick Bollea is old enough to decide with whom he will live and that “it would be in the best interest for the parties to have shared parental responsibility.”

– Terry Bollea said the couple’s assets and liabilities should be divided between them. His petition mentions “numerous liabilities, contingent liabilities, obligations and debts which must be resolved as part of any equitable distribution that may be accomplished by the court”.

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