Ashley/Survivor Update, Mysterio's Title Chances, Plans For Raw Tonight

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

Ashley has already left America to film Survivor in China. The show will be taped over the course of seven weeks. If she gets eliminated early, she has to stay hidden away from her family and the public until the show finishes filming, or else word could get out that she got eliminated early. She can’t appear on WWE television until December or January when the entire season finishes airing. Massaro told people that she was going away to do a WWE movie because word got out (thanks to Paul London) that she was doing Survivor, and that information was supposed to be a secret. Many people probably wouldn’t have bought her excuse anyway because WWE announces details of their movies in advance, and they currently have nothing on schedule.

Even though Rey Mysterio drew better than expected during his title reign, these days, Vince McMahon isn’t open to suggestions of him being champion again because of his size. His reign last year was a one-time thing that was done because it had a good storyline behind it.

Sources are saying that the goal for tonight’s Raw is to get “back to normal” with a fun show that may introduce some new characters.

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