Another Former WWE Star Checks Into Rehab, Diva Breaks Up With London, More

— It was reported earlier in the week that Sean Waltman recently checked into a Texas area rehab facility to take care of his personal problems. As it turns out, this is on WWE’s dime. Waltman said that WWE is picking up the tab for his stay in a treatment facility, reports prowrestling.NET. He is the fourth current/former WWE star currently staying at a rehab facility — at least that we know of — joining Ron Simmons, Scott Hall and Jake Roberts.

— WWE Diva Ashley Massaro posted the following Valentine’s Day message on her MySpace page yesterday: “Well, yet another Valentines Day spent alone after 28 yrs. Not like I’m surprised really. I’ve really become used to the idea of me myself and I. I like it better that way. And I hope all you loners out there on this silly holiday feel the same way. I got you and you got me. Later punkinpies. Xoxo.” Additionally, she has removed references to her relationship with Paul London on her MySpace page, not to mention that she is now listed as single again. Back in November, Massaro confirmed on her MySpace page that the two were dating and that she had moved in with him in his Austin, Texas residence.

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