WWE Super SmackDown Results: Great American Bash Edition

WWE Smackdown Results
Report by Bill Pritchard Wrestlezone.com

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says he’s not celebrating America tonight, but he wants to talk about himself because he is more important. He says he is finally getting his one-on-one title shot, and he is going to send Sheamus crying all the way back to Ireland. Alberto says they always try to take advantage of hard working people like him, and they are jealous because he is successful. Alberto says he’s there legally, and he goes around the ring and asks some fans for their papers.

Alberto tells security to come out and retrieve one of the fans because he doesn’t belong, then Sheamus comes out and brawls with Alberto. They head up the stage before Sheamus sends Alberto into a guardrail, then Ricardo grabs him from behind and Alberto gains control. Alberto hits him a few more times while Ricardo lifts up the car’s hood, then Alberto repeatedly slams it on Sheamus’ back until referees back him off. We get back after a replay to see Sheamus being attended to by the medical staff, and he is bleeding from his head as they walk him backstage.

The Great Khali & Layla vs Antonio Cesaro & Aksana

Khali throws Antonio in the corner and chops him, then he tries to kick him but Antonio ducks and takes his legs out. Antonio gets a few kicks in but Khali throws him back in the corner and chops him, then Antonio rolls away and tags out. Layla comes right in and takes Aksana down, then she slaps her but and hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall. Antonio breaks up the pin but Khali comes in and throws him outside, then Layla ducks a punch and hits the Lay Out for the win.

Winners – The Great Khali & Layla

Teddy Long is shown walking out of the trainer’s room when Cody Rhodes steps in front of him and smugly laughs. Teddy asks if his outfit is funny, but Cody says the board of directors accepted his complaint for a qualifying match. Cody says he will get another shot at the Money In The Bank match, but Teddy says he gets to pick the opponent. He says he is picking someone who is already in the match, and says Cody has yet to beat this man before telling him he will face Christian.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
Cody Rhodes vs Christian

Cody hits a shoulder block for a near fall, then he counters a waistlock but Christian chops him before whipping him into the corner. Christian hits a flapjack for a near fall, then Cody counters a kick from the apron and dropkicks Christian for another near fall. Cody has Christian in a hammerlock as we get back from a break, then Christian tries to counter so Cody slams him on the mat. Cody hits a front release suplex for a two count, then he stomps him in the corner and twists his arm. He goes up top but Christian shoves him back, then he hits a dropkick and follows with a forearm shot.

Christian punches him and hits a shoulder tackle, then he connects with a top rope crossbody but Cody kicks out of a pinfall. Christian calls for a Killswitch but it gets countered, then Cody attempts an Alabama Slam but Christian counters with a rollup. Cody attacks Christian’s shoulder before he starts untying the turnbuckle pads, but the ref catches him and Christian hits a reverse DDT. Christian gets up and attempts another Killswitch, but Cody counters and hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner – Cody Rhodes

Teddy Long is shown at the backstage BBQ when Zack Ryder comes over and says he wants to take over as DJ for awhile. Heath Slater comes in and says he is going to be the entertainment, then he sings a bit and he gets food thrown at him. Zack puts Brodus Clay’s theme song on, then Brodus comes in with the Funkadactyls and they dance with Teddy as we go to a break.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Riley dropkicks Dolph and goes for a quick rollup, but Dolph kicks out and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Dolph stomps Riley and hits an elbow drop, then he applies a side headlock while doing a headstand. Riley makes it to his feet and breaks the hold with a suplex, then he elbows Dolph and knocks him down with a clothesline. He continues to offense with a spinebuster for another near fall, then he calls for an elevated DDT but Dolph counters. Riley gets another near fall and tries to grab Dolph near the apron, but Dolph snaps his head on the ropes and hits a Zig Zag for the win.

Winner – Dolph Ziggler

Michael Cole invites AJ out to the ring for an interview, and he says she will get a chance to speak but she needs to explain her actions on RAW last night. Cole asks what she was thinking, and she says alot of people have asked her that, but Cole says she isn’t thinking at all. He says she switches alliances on a whim, and she should be removed as guest referee by the board of directors. Cole calls her a little girl messing with the biggest prize in wrestling, and she is toying with two superstars that he doesn’t see anything in. Cole asks if she ever thought about being with a real man, and he says he is a former war coorespondant and she can have it all.

Daniel Bryan comes out and says Cole might think he is a tough journalist, but he is a sexist and emotionally abusive bully. He says Cole makes stuff up and puts words in people’s mouths, but this story is not about him. Bryan says he knows AJ better than anyone else, and she is taking her job seriously so she will make a great referee. He says she made a mistake and he knows CM Punk was the only one supposed to go throught the table, and he forgives her. CM Punk interrupts them and says Cole should leave, and Cole says it’s his interview but Punk screams at him to get out now.

Punk says Bryan and himself were affected by her actions, and he feels a bit beaten but that’s what happens when you sign up to be a wrestler. He says he won’t forget it happened and he won’t suck up, but he is going to be honest because that’s what she deserves and she’s in a bad place. Punk says she needs professional help, and he won’t lie to her face and string her along just to get something he wants. Bryan calls this a load of garbage, and he says Punk is messing with her just to get on her good side. Bryan says Punk cares AJ being the ref because he needs her to win, then Punk gets in his face but AJ gets in between them and makes out with Bryan. Punk shakes his head and leaves, but AJ chases after him and makes out with him, then she skips away while Bryan watches from the ring.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Santino Marella, Sgt. Slaughter & Hacksaw Jim Duggan
vs Hunico, Camacho & Drew McIntyre

Camacho bodyslams Duggan and tags in Drew, then he sends Santino to the mat but Santino recovers and shoves him into the corner. Santino tags out and Duggan hits a three-point stance, then Drew and Hunico break up the pinfall but Santino and Slaughter help clear the ring. Santino tags in after Duggan knocks Hunico down, then Santino hits a Cobra Strike for the win.

Winners – Santino Marella, Sgt. Slaughter & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Teddy Long is continuing the BBQ with R-Truth when Damien Sandow pulls the plug and says this is not what their forefathers had in mind. Zack Ryder says they are just trying to have fun, and he asks what his problem is, then Sandow says he is the problem with the bad reflection they give to society. Zack tells him to leave if he doesn’t want to be there, then they start fighting and Zack picks up a punch bowl and throws it towards him. Sandow leaves and Zack ends up hitting Eve, then Teddy mocks her and says this is his kind of party before turning up the music and dancing.

Ryback vs Curt Hawkins

Hawkins ducks under Ryback and tries to jump on him, but Ryback shoves him back so Hawkins puts him in a sleeperhold. Ryback counters with a dropdown jawbreaker, then he whips him off the ropes and hits a clothesline before ending it with Shell Shock.

Winner – Ryback

Great American Bash 20 Man Battle Royal
(Winner Becomes Next Week’s Guest Smackdown GM)

Brodus Clay gets thrown right out by Big Show, then Zeke goes out next and Sandow tries to throw Cena out near the corner. A few guys group up and throw Khali out, then Sandow and Santino are next. Punk holds Swagger so Kofi can hit him, then Cody goes for a Beautiful Disaster but Big Show catches him and throws him and Kofi out of the ring. We get back after a commercial break and see Punk and Bryan slugging it out, then Punk dives at Bryan near the ropes and he eliminates Bryan and himself.

Kane whips Alberto across the ring and follows with a side slam, then he chokeslams Cena and Show grabs him by the throat. Kane shows his strength and ends up chokeslamming Show, then Tensai punches him in the corner and a group of superstars focus on Cena. Alberto, Dolph and Tensai gang up on him but Cena comes back with some side slams, then he throws Alberto out of the ring and hits Kane with an Attitude Adjustment. Cena almost gets tossed out by Tensai but he uses his power to reverse it and toss Tensai out, then Show comes up behind him and dumps him over the ropes.

Zack runs the ropes but Show spears him, then he catches Christian coming off the top and throws him out of the ring. Dolph tries to slow him down with a sleeper, then Kane kicks Show in the head and both Dolph and Show fall outside, leaving Kane against Zack. They circle each other before Kane sends Zack into the corner, then he stomps him and picks him up but Zack floats over. Kane hits a big boot and whips him across the corner, but Zack counters with a drop toe hold and a Broski Boot. Zack measures for a Rough Ryder but Kane counters with a chokeslam attempt, then Zack slides out and pulls the ropes down to eliminate Kane.

Winner – Zack Ryder

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