Wrestlers React To Brock Lesnar Getting Destroyed At UFC 121

“Brock Lesnar” was a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, Google and Yahoo! following the fight.

Several people from pro wrestling are speaking out on Twitter about Brock Lesnar’s loss at UFC 121:

Paul Heyman: “That’s the “real sports” biz … You win AND you lose. I want my kids to grow up respecting a performance like Cain’s victory, not resenting it. My most sincere congratulations to a great champion in Cain Velasquez!”

Kurt Angle: “Well, we can’t win them all. Brock lost. I give Cain credit. He came to fight. Brock will bounce back:)”

Chavo Guerrero: “Mexicans are to Lesner what kryptonite is to Superman!! 1st Eddie now Velasquez! Wow!!still stunned! Drink a corona and eat a burrito now mother Fu$&er! If only Velasquez would have done the Eddie shoulder shimmer at the end!”

Shannon Moore: “Congrats to the new champ. That’s what’s so good about UFC. From bottom to top the best man wins. It’s all about the man that is better that night.”

Shane Helms: “Upsets make sports EXCITING!! sports “Entertainment” PLEASE pay attention!! Not that hard of a thought process!!”

Matt Morgan: “Cain was great tonight. Brock will get that title back though. Both guys were humble in post fight promos too. Hard to hate Cain,class act.”


(Wrestler quotes courtesy of Twitter.com)

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