When Bret Hart Will Next Appear In WWE, More On What The Miz Said On Raw

— Bret Hart won’t be appearing on tomorrow night’s episode of Raw. However, he is currently scheduled to appear on the following week’s show in Knoxville, Tennessee. (source: www.f4online.com)

— A few readers sent word that The Miz did not say he was gay — in French — to Maryse this past week on Raw. Reader TJ had this to say:

“To let you know, The Miz didn’t say “je suis gai, tu me veux” he said “je sais que tu me veux” which means “i know that you want me”. it was just his bad french accent that made this sound like “je suis gai.”

Another reader sent word that The Miz actually said he was cheerful. Reader Neu provided the following: “My mother has been a french speaker all her life. She checked out what the miz said and immediately said it meant cheerful. There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation. She told me it definitely didn’t mean homosexual.”

— Managers of a number of Toys “R” Us, Target and Walmart department stores were recently told to pull all Jakks Pacific WWE merchandise from their shelves to make room for the new Mattel line.

Just released – the poster for next month’s Elimination Chamber PPV ->

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