Vince McMahon Says He'll Wear WWE Merchandise When Voting For Linda has picked up the story we reported earlier today – that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has suing Connecticut’s Secretary of State after it ruled that any Connecticut voters who showed up to vote for Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign wearing WWE merchandise would be turned away.

TMZ’s story and released new details on the papers filed in federal court. McMahon claims the ban will “threaten the constitutional rights and liberties of voters who have expressed a desire to wear WWE paraphernalia to their poling places.”

Vince also says he “intends to wear WWE paraphernalia when he enters the polling place to cast his vote on November 2, 2010.”

Vince argues that Linda McMahon is no longer a WWE employee and demands that a judge “immediately” reverse the ban on WWE merchandise at voting sites across Connecticut.

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