Trent Barretta Talks About His Time In WWE, Zack Ryder Frustrated & More

– Former WWE superstar Trent Barreta was interviewed by this week to hype his appearance at tonight’s NYWC Psycho Circus event in Deer Park, New York.

During the interview, he spoke about his time in WWE, including one story about what Wade Barrett told him about pitching ideas to management. He he says Barrett told him, “They’ve done all of this for me. You can pitch all these ideas, but at the end of the day, they’re going to pick the guys they’re going to go with.”

He also said that going back down to WWE developmental after his return from an injury “sucked,” and that he “didn’t want to be there at all.”

– Zack Ryder tweeted the following about Friday’s Social Media Smackdown, once again expressing his frustration with the way WWE books him:

“So next week is @WWE Social Media Smackdown? I wonder if the Internet Champion will be involved. Maybe if it’s Social Media Superstars.”

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