TNA “Hardcore Justice” PPV Opener:

The fireworks light up the arena and we’re live. Mike Tenay takes the mic and introduces us to the pay per view.

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kid Kash & Gunner

Tag Team action will kick things off. Kid Kash & Gunner walk out to the ring. Gunner has a bandage over his eye from a recent battle. The crowd boos the duo. Hernandez and Guerrero walk out to the ring. The match starts with Guerrero taking control of the action but as the crowd starts to cheer Chavo, Kid Kash takes control of the action. Gunner and Kash team up and dominate Chavo. Gunner goes for the pin, 2 count! Kid Kash is tagged in and beats on Chavo Guerrero. Gunner goes for the pin, 2 count again! Chavo takes control of the action and does the flying head scissors. Gunner attacks Chavo behind the refs back. Gunner is then tagged in and puts Chavo in a neck lock, Chavo breaks free but then Gunner drops a huge back drop on Chavo. Kid Kash beats down Chavo. Chavo is getting his ass beat badly and Hernandez can’t do a damn thing abuot it. Chavo is double teamed in the the opposing corner and is dominated some more. This is a serious beating. Kid Kash keeps the pressure on Chavo and then puts chavo in the CAMEL CLUTCH, flashbacks of 1984, if you’re that old. Chavo fights out of the Camel Clutch and tries to tag Hernandez but is stopped. Gunner is tagged out as the crowd says that “GUNNER SUCKS” but Kid Kash is tagged back in and Chavo goes on the offense but is quickly stopped. Chavo to the top rope, amazing reverse moonsault jump, holy shit. Chavo makes an attempt to tag Hernandez. HERNANDEZ is tagged in. This is one angry big fella! Watch out! Hernandez goes on the attack and tosses around Kid Kash and Gunner. Hernandez is a bad ass. Flying double clothesline. Gunner and Kid Kash are laid out. Hernandez jumps over the top ropes onto Gunner, flies throught the air and destroy Gunner. Hernandez takes Kash over with a giant hip toss and squashes him with a big splash before slamming him down to the mat hard. A pin is broken up by Gunner, but a double team attempt leads to a double clothesline from Hernandez. Gunner bails, so Hernandez leaps over the top to take him out. Chavo makes the tag out of nowhere. Hernandez hits the slingshot shoulderblock on Kash and Chavo follows up with the frog splash for the three count.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Backstage: D’Angelo Dinero Gets Jumped

Backstage, a beating is going down! Who is it? The Pope is being beat down by 2 guys, who is it? It’s Aces & Eights.

20-Point Bound For Glory Series Falls Count Anywhere Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson gets on the mic as the crowd chants “asshole.” Anderson says The Pope is one less bitch he has to worry about. The crowd chants RVD, he is super over and always will be. RVD poses for the crowd but Magnus attacks him from behind and then Mr. Anderson attacks Magnus and beats on Magnus here in the early goings. Magnus and Mr. Anderson perform some chain wrestling with Magnus taking the upper hand and Magnus pins Mr. Anderson but then RVD breaks up the pin and saves the day. RVD beats on Andverson and Magnus. RVD and Magnus roll out of the ring and RVD puts Magnus on the steel barrier then as he is about to fly into Magnus, Anderson attacks RVD from behind and RVD crashes into the steel rail. Anderson smashes Magnus’s head into the steel stairs and smashes his back into the side of the ring. Again Magnus is smashed into the steps again. Anderson is then smashed into the stairs. RVD is still down, out of sight. Magnus picks up a steel chair and swings at Anderson but Anderson ducks and then Anderson is dropped onto the chair as he went for DDT. Anderson is in major pain. Magnus beats on Anderson and then RVD comes flying in and throws a chair at Magnus and Magnus gets hit in the back of the head. Then RVD does a spinning jump and crashes into Anderson. Anderson is taking a beating. RVD poses for the crowd and Magnus attacks him from behind. Magnus then goes for a submission moves on the ramp as he bends RVD like a pretzel but Anderson makes the save and attacks Magnus. Anderson throws Magnus into the ring and attacks! Magnus and Anderson throw punches back and forth until they both collapse. RVD is recovering and he climbs to the top rope but he slips and Anderson takes advantage of the situation. Now we got what looks like a double suplex from the top rope. Then they slip and mess up the spot. But they quickly fix the situation by having RVD hit a frogsplash on Anderson but Magnus pulls RVD to the outside of the ring. Magnus Suplexes RVD onto the ramp. RVD is in pain laying on the ramp. His elbow is red and his back is red. Magnus attacks RVD again but then we RVD gets the pin by taking the chair from Magnus and he does a spinning jump kick. Chair hits Magnus in the face. 1, 2, 3… RVD wins!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Bound For Glory Series Leader Board Update:

The Bound For Glory Series leader board is shown. James Storm is # 1 and RVD is now # 2.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Madison Rayne

JB is backstage and he talks about the uncomfortable vibe after the Aces and Eights attack from before the prior match. Madison Rayne comes in and JB asks about Earl Hebner. Madison says she thinks JB has a crush on Hebner and likes him as more than a friend. She’s been champion before and she doesn’t need help to win the title. When the title’s on the line, Tessmacher can’t beat her. She blows a kiss to Hebner before walking off, a great appearance.

TNA TV Title: Devon vs. Kazarian

Kaz walks out to the apron and drops to the floor as soon as Devon hits the ring. Kaz doesn’t want to get in the ring, so Devon brings him in the tough way over the ropes. Devon takes Kaz out with a back elbow before beating on him in the corner. Devon hip tosses Kaz, taking him over hard. Devon sends Kaz into the ropes and hits a Manhattan drop before sending Kaz into the corner so hard it launches him out to the floor. Ouch! Kaz tries to get out through the crowd, but Devon stops him and hits him with a bottle of water before continuing to give chase and hit Kaz with right hands. Kaz is in major pain and Devon lays it all on the line beatin Kaz’s ass and then does a flying shoulder drop. Devon continues the beating with a diving head butt. Kaz gets back to his feet and is crushed in the corner, another flying shoulder block. Devon goes for the pin… 2 count! Kaz takes offense but then Devon does a neckbreaker off the second rope. Devon goes for a Rock Bottom but Kaz counters with a cruxifex and goes for the pin, 2 count. Devon gets up and goes on attack again. Devon goes tfor the spinebuster, goes for the pin… 1-2-3! Devon impressively wins!

Winner: Devon

Earl Hebner Video Package

A video package is shown of Earl Hebner being labeled as the Hugh Hefner of professional wrestling…. I’ve officially seen it all now! Henber is kissing girls in the video and acting like a pimp, this is hilarious.

TNA Knockout Title Match: Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher

Earl Hebner is the referee and he wants to make children with Madison Rayne, so will Tessmacher get a fair shake? That’s the complex storyline of this match… TNA doesn’t employ Shakespeare. Tessmacher walks out to the ring with the Knockout Title belt. Tessmacher is looking so hot, seriously. It’s plain ridiculous. The match starts… They lock up. Hebner breaks up the action and they lock up again. The two girls are jockying for position. Tessmacher goes for two pin attempts, but doesn’t get the victory. Madison rolls out of the ring to regroup. Madison Rayne climbs back into the ring and clothesines Tessmacher exsplosively. Tessmacher is then head-smashed into the top turnbuckle. Tessmacher is in pain and screaming. Then Madison Rayne pins Tessmacher’s head between her legs and rams Tessmacher’s head into the mat about five times. Tessmacher takes control of the action, but then Madison Rayne rakes her eyes and stops Tessmcher’s momentum. However, moments later, Tessmacher grabs Madison Rayne and smashes her face into the mat. Tessmacher goes to the top rope and she does an amazing Randy Savage-style flying elbow drop onto Madison Rayne. Tessmacher goes for the pin. Madison Rayne tosses her foot on the rope, two count but Tessmacher doesn’t see the foot on the rope and she argues with Earl Hebner. As she argues, Madison Rayne goes for the reverse roll up and pins Tessmacher as she holds onto the ropes for leverage. Madison Rayne, 1-2-3.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Brother Ray

JB is shown backstage to introduce Brother Ray. Brother Ray says he is not stupid and that Aces and Eights are looking for him. He then shows two playing cards, an ace and an 8 card. Brother Ray is scared but he then says he is the baddest mofo to put a target on and he has the biggest calves in pro wrestling!

Video Package Recap:

Sting is then showed being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and being beat down by a mystery man. Hulk Hogan promises vengeance. The mystery man is on the attack and Aces and Eights are shown jumping other wrestlers. Bobby Roode accusus James Storm of being the group’s leader.

20-Point Bound For Glory Series Tables Match: Robbie E. vs. Brother Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm

Robbie E walks out, followed by a paranoid Brother Ray. Jeff Hardy walks out next with his face painted white, purple and black, his eye lids are painted as eyesballs too and this looks VERY cool. Best pro wrestler face paint in years. James Storm walks out, The Cowboy! The crowd cheers for Jeff Hardy… Are you surprised? Brother Ray slapps Robbie E, Then James Storm slaps him, then Robbie E is thrown out of the ring. Brother Ray beats on Storm in the corner, then beats on Jeff Hardy. Brother Ray tells Robbie E to bring him the table. Robbie E tosses a table to Brother Ray and then Brother Ray attacks Robbie E. Brother Ray sets up the table in the center of the ring. Jeff Hardy then attacks Brother Ray. Hard and Storm then double suplex Brother Ray into the table to win the match but Robbie E moves the table at the last second. The table is partly broken… Why isn’t the match over? Wait, this is TNA, mistakes happen and hopefully they learn. Another table is tossed into the ring and Robbie E sets up the table. Robbie E attacks Brother Ray and Robbie E then attacks Storm and then he attacks Hardy. Robbie E is in control and he puts Hardy on the table in the center of the ring. Hardy is laying on the table, Robbie is climbs to the middle rope and is about to jump on Hardy but Storm makes the save and then beats on Robbie E. James Storm then goes for a superplex on Robbie E but then Hardy goes for a powerbomb on Storm and Robbie E… Hardy throws the 2 through the air and they fly towards the table but Brother Ray moves the table and makes the save. Brother Ray then puts the table back in the center of the ring. Brother Ray back body drops Hardy through the table but Storm moves the table at the last second. Storm then sets up the table in the corner of the ring but Hardy attacks Storm. Hardy then DDTs Robbie E on his face. Hardy sets up a table outside of the ring on the floor. Robbie E is placed on the table and repeatedly punched by Hardy. Hardy climbs to the top rope but Robbie E’s bouncer, Rob Terry, runs out and Hardy dives onto Robby T. Robbie E sets up the table on the floor once again. Robbie E punches Hardy in the face and places Hardy on the table. Once again, I can’t stress enough how cool Jeff Hardy’s face pain is tonight. Robbie E clumbs to the top rope and jumps towards Jeff Hardy but Hardy rolls and Robbie E drives his body through the table and the table breaks. But the match continues. Storm attacks Brother Ray and then Brother Ray clotheslines Storm and bounces Storms head off the table that is in the corner of the ring. Then Aces and Eights rushes the ring. Brother Ray panics and James Storm super kicks Brother Ray. Aces and Eights looks at James Storm and they leave the arena. Hardy then attacks Storm from behind. Hardy sets up the table in the center of the ring. Hardy and Storm exchange punches. Hardy then does a crazy exploding jump out of the corner and nails storm. They exchange punches again. Where the hell is Robbie E and Brother Ray? Hardy then DDTs Storm and puts Storm on the table. Aces and Eights return to the ring and distract Hardy. Brother Ray then gets back in the ring and powerbombs Hardy through the table. This match was a total clusterfuck.

Winner: Brother Ray

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Austin Aries

Backstage, JB said security claimed they have things under control with Aces and Eights, but that’s obviously not the case. JB brought in World Hvt. champion Austin Aries to discuss the problems with Aces and Eights and Bobby Roode. JB read a question from Twitter about Aries giving up his re-match clause to get Roode to wrestle him and that led to Aries questioning Roode’s character and hart to win.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion vs. Kenny King

Inside the Impact Zone, Kenny King, excitedly made his way to the ring telling the crowd that it’s his time to become X Division champion. Zema Ion made his way to the ring next spraying himself with hairspray. The battle goes back and forth. Kenny is dominating but Ion is being sneaky. Kenny kicks Ion in the face. Kenny misses a big flying kick and Ion goes for the pin but it’s only a 2 count. We have some computer issues here, my apologies. Returning to the action mid-match, Ion goes to the top rope but Kenny rushes him and does an acrobatch back flip, pretty impressive! Kenny is in control with a cartwheel kick, goes for the pin but Kenny only gets a count of 2. Ion is sllow to recover. Kenny charges Ion but Ion drops Kenny super hard onto his face and goes for the pin…. 1-2-3 and still champion, Zema Ion!

Winner: Zema Ion

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Samoa Joe

JB is backstage. Samoa Joe walks up and control the mic and says that he isn’t worried about Aces and Eights because no country wins a war on 2 fronts Samoa Joe comes across tough and brave and it feels like he might win the match.

20-Point Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

AJ Styles, one of the best wrestlers in the world, makes his way to the ring. The crowd pops loud. Christopher Daniels walks out and is booed by the crowd. He shows his title belt to the camera and dances around. Kurt Angle then rises from beneath the stage and the crowd pops, fireworks explode and he walks down to the ring with a look of determination. Samoa Joe walks out to the ring…. He looks mad and focused to win the 20 points on the line in this match. AJ Styles attacks Daniels and then Kurt Angle beats on Daniels. Samoa Joe then beats on Daniels. Nobody likes Daniels. Joe off the atomic drop, back splashes Daniels. Samoa Joe then unleashes a series of punches Kurt Angle and then kicks him in the face. The action goes to the outisde of the ring. Daniels is beating on Samoa Joe. Daniels then climbs into the ring and jumps to the floor on top of Samoa Joe but Samoa Joe catches him BUT then AJ Styles flies out of nowhere and crashes into the two wrestlers. AJ is in control and beating up Angle now. Daniels beats Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle with a ladder. Samoa Joe and Daniels are now back in the ring with the ladder and Joe is pinned in the corner because of the ladder. Than Daniels rushes Joe and Joe smashes Daniels face into the ladder. HUGE BUMP! Kurt Angle gets back into the ring and attacks AJ Styles. Kurt is picking apart AJ with punches and high impact moves. Daniels then attacks Kurt Angle from behind with the ladder and he throws Angle out of the ring. Daniels sets up the ladder and tries to climb to the clipboard that is hanging above the ring. Samoa Joe attacks Daniels, throws him out of the ring and starts climbing the ladder but then Kurt attacks Joe. We got action everywhere! We now have two Americans in the ring, Joe and Kurt, and the crowd is chanting USA. What the hell? AJ Styles gets back in the ring and Angle attacks AJ. Angle chokes AJ. The ladder is still set up in the middle of the ring BUT then AJ throws the ladder into the face of Kurt Angle. AJ and Daniels are now fighting in the corner and AJ is winning the fight. The crowd pops for AJ. Lots of energy in this match. AJ continues to beat Daniels in the corner. Samoa Joe sneaks in and attacks Daniels and Joe. AJ rolls out of the ring. Joe then bounces off the ropes, runs and jumps out of the ring onto AJ and AJ is in major pain. Daniels, Joe and AJ are now back in the ring. Daniels kicks AJ in the face hard. Joe clotheslines Daniels and AJ really stiff. AJ eventually climbs to the top rope but Samoa Joe runs up and puts AJ in a muscle buster. Kurt makes the save and AJ falls awkwardly. Kurt takes control but Daniels sneak attacks Kurt and he then sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring. Daniels climbs the ladder but pulls Daniels off the ladder and puts him in an ankle lock. Daniels taps but this is a ladder match! Daniels breaks free and attacks Angle. Action is everywhere! Everybody is doing their finisher on Daniels. It’s getting ugly. Kurt sets up the ladder under the clipboard. Daniels is now hung in the ladder like a rag doll. Angle and Joe beat on a defenseless Daniels. Angle now climbs the ladder but Daniels grabs Kurts leg. Joe and Angle are now climbing the ladder on oppisite sides. Joe drops Angle but Styles, like Superman, flies off the ropes and magically lands on the ladder and quickly grabs the clipboard and falls to the mat. AJ celebrates and the crowd pops super loud. Amazing brutal match.

Winner: AJ Styles

Backstage: Jeremy Borash Interviews Bobby Roode

Backstage JB brings in Bobby Roode and JB reads a question wondering if Roode is afraid of Austin Aries. “Is that a real question?” Roode quietly asked before saying that he is afraid of no one, especially Aries, whose win last month was luck. Roode said he’s been pushing TNA as the leader for the last year and Aries’s World Title dreams will end tonight.

TNA World Heavyweight Title: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode walks out to the ring in his sparkling robe. Roode looks confident and without the world title he looks naked. He wore the belt for so long, without it, it just feels weird. Austin Aries walks out to the ring with his championship belt as the music hits. The crowd pops…. Jeremy Borash introduces the wrestlers. The crowd boos Bobby Roode as he is introduced. Austin Aries is then introduced as the champion and the crowd pops but the pop is weak. This is the world champ and the pop is weak? The crowd then chants Aries. Roode and Aries both walk to the center of the ring and stare each other down. Aries spits water in Roode’s face. Roode attacks Aries but Aries gets a toe hold trip. Aries is working Roode over with complex wrestling moves. Roode takes an Austin Aries sign from a fan and throws it to the ground. Roode calms down and regroups outside of the ring. Crowd chants “Bobby Sucks!” Roode gets major heat from the crowd. Roode gets back in the ring and Aries attacks Roode, but then Roode escapes from the ring to the floor and the crowd chants “Coward, Coward” at him. It appears as though Roode is leaving the arena when he asks for a time out. Roode walks back to the ring and Austin Aries jumps over the top rope onto Roode. Aries is punishing Roode. Top rope drop kick from Aries and Roode is in trouble. Ric Flair chest slap from Aries. Roode then throws Aries off the ropes and Aries kicks Roode in the face. Roode rolls out of the ring to the floor and Aries climbs to the top rope, jumps towards Roode but hits his head into the steel guard rail. Roode is now in control of the match and the momentum. Roode stomps on Aries and punches him repeatedly, then throws him back in the ring, goes for the pink and get a weak 1 count. Roode kicks Aries into the corner and stomps him out. Aries retaliates with a kick but then Roode slingshot suplexes Aries off the ropes and drops a knee to the chest of Aries. Roode now has Aries in a reverse bear hug. Aries fights to get back to his feet and elbows his way out of the reverse bear hug. Roode retaliates and crushes Aries into the corner. Roode stomps Aries in the stomach and start working the leg of Austin Aries. Chest slap, punch, foot stomp and more offense comes from Roode but the Aries catches him with an elbow…. Goes for the pin and Aries gets a count of 2. Roode then takes control and puts a leg scissors hold around the waist of Aries. Aries is fighting for survival. Aries breaks free of the hold finally and goes on the attack but Roode uses his power to pick up Aries and powerslams him into the corner. Aries is now hanging upside down in the corner and his legs are tied up in top ropes. Aries somehow grabs the neck of Roode and pushes off the ropes and does a strange offensive move that hurts Roode bad. The World Champ is now on the attack and he does an inverted atomic drop to Roode and a clothesline. Roode rolls to the floor. Aries goes to the top rope and flies through the air destroys Roode. Roode then climbs up to his feet and Aries runs from one side of the arena to the other and does a vicious flying drop kick to the face of Roode that looked so fucken painful. Aries has Roode in a submission move now in the center of the ring. Roode rakes the eyes of Aries and is now free. Aries then puts Roode in a cross face submission manuever. Roode is trying to crawl to the ropes but Aries applies the pressure. Roode then uses his power and strength to pick up Aries and bodyslam him while in the submission hold.

Roode now has Aries in a submission move, looks like a crippler cross face. Aries crawls to the ropes slowly, wretching in pain and finally Aries grabs the ropes but Roode doesn’t let go until the ref counts to 5. Aries is worn out and beaten. Roode is in control and chest slaps Ariest. Ariest then chops Roode back. This is a war! Roode throws Aries to the floor but Ariest grabs the rope and kicks Roode in the face. Aries climbs to the top rope, missle drop kick. Then another drop kick. Then Roode does a spinebuster ro Aries and goes for the pin, 2 count! Roode rushes Aries into the corner and the 2 fighters share punches back and forth. Roode then takes Aries to the top rope for an attempted superplex but Aries clocks the ears of Roode and 450 dives onto Roode but Roode puts up his knees. Aries crashes into Roode’s knees and the ref takes a bump. Roode pins Aries and a second ref runs down the ramp to make a 2 count! Aries makes a comeback and goes for the brainbuster but the 2nd ref takes a bump. Aries is in control and brainbusters Roode but both refs are unconcious. One of the refs slowly wakes up and crawls towards the pin but Aries only gets a 2 count. Aries climbs to the top rope but Roode takes advantage of the situation and superplexes Aries off the top rope and pins Aries, 1-2-3 BUT Roode’s shoulders were also on the mat for the count of 3. One ref holds up Roode’s hand and the other ref holds up Aries hand. We have controversy but Roode is leaving the Arena with the belt. Earl Hebner then comes from the back and takes the belt from Roode. Hebner has a discussion with the 2 confused referees. Earl Hebner orders for the match to start over again. Roode says “bullshit” but Aries immediately goes on the attack and drops over the top rope and crashes to the floor and goes unconcious. Roode picks up Aries and drags him into the ring for the pin but Aries kicks out right before the count of 3. Roode argues with the ref about the count. Roode is desperate. Aries then surprises the crowd by rolling up Roode and getting a quick 3 count. Aries wins!

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Austin Aries

After The Match:

Aries takes a sign from a fan that says TOTAL NONSTOP ARIES and he poses with the belt and the sign in the center of the ring while the crowd pops.

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