The Wrestling World Reacts To Brock Lesnar's UFC 116 Win

As noted earlier, UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar scored a dramatic come-from-behind submission win over Shane Carwin at Saturday night’s UFC 116 pay-per-view.

Here’s what the wrestling world is saying about Lesnar’s win on Twitter:

Steve Austin: “Brock weathered a big time storm in the first round. Showed the heart of a true champion. He is THE MAN in the UFC. I am very proud of him. Thanks to Dana White and everyone at UFC for great seats at a great fight. Oh Hell Yeah!!!! As I have stated before-Shane Carwin is one of my favorite fighters. He showed a lot of class after the fight. I smell a rematch. damn what a night…Brock makes a triumphant comeback…and drinks with Goldberg… Headed back to L.A. No hangover…but I can tell I had a few. I arrived. Raised Hell. now I’m leaving. Putting Vegas in my rear view mirror.”

Paul Heyman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, @shanecarwin is one absolutely BAD motherf*cker!!! Yes, 3 exclamation points. But Brock Lesnar is the mother f*cking man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brock and I are going home 2 our families. I’m honored and humbled 2 be his friend.” Heyman added that he and Lesnar are working on a book together.

Rob Van Dam: “CONGRATS BROCK! No surprise here. Now they know!”

Joey Styles “Bet JR $1 on UFC Lesnar vs. Carwin and I took Carwin. OMG! Inspiring performance by Lesnar for many reasons. Can’t wait for the rematch.”

Taz:”Congrats to my bud Brock!! Great job, ALL heart! Im so happy 4 him! Awesome job big man!!!”

Jim Ross: “In brock’s locker room w/ austin, rock, goldberg & heyman. Amazing night. Brock’s face is a mess but he endured. Brock’s face was nasty but he was and should be proud of his effort tonite. Lesnar willed his way thru 1st rd. Carwin hvy hands. Lesnar & team heading 2 Minn 2nite. Brock’s new outlook on life is really amazing. His illness made him a better man & a better fighter. Great seeing Austin & Rock together after Lesnar fight talking old times & movies. Both those guys ‘felt it’ & never played role of wrestler.”

* Picture of The Rock, Steve Austin & Goldberg Backstage At UFC 116 (Direct Link)

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