*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For September 16, 2011

Edge came out to start the show and received a standing ovation and a “thank you, Edge” chant. He said he misses the fact that in real life, theme music and pyro doesn’t go off when he walks into a room.

Cody Rhodes came out to interrupt. Cody handed a bag to Edge and told him to take it home as a reminder of what Smackdown is now. Edge left, saying that if Cody kept talking, he was going to fall asleep in the ring.

Rhodes flipped out and complained that everyone in the crowd needed a paper bag. Someone wearing a paper bag punched Cody. The person took the bag off and revealed himself to be Ted DiBiase, who beat on Cody until he escaped.

1. Daniel Bryan defeated Sin Cara by DQ. The match was fought under Sin Cara lighting. Bryan won by DQ when Sin Cara had him upside down in the ropes and repeatedly stomped on his face. At the end of the match, the real Sin Cara came out and had a staredown with the fake Sin Cara, who is noticeably taller and heavier. They had a cheer-off and then fake Sin Cara left.

Trish Stratus turned up in a backstage segment with Teddy Long and Aksana.

2. Beth Phoenix beat A.J. A squash match. Beth did an impressive overhead press that would have been more impressive if A.J. weighed more than 80 pounds.

There was a backstage segment with Edge, Christian, and Trish.

3. Sheamus and Justin Gabriel beat Wade Barrett and Christian. No Americans in this match, just like the British Commonwealth! Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Barrett, and Gabriel followed up with a 450 Splash for the win.

4. The Great Khali fought Heath Slater to a no-contest. Jinder Mahal came out and bitched at Khali in their native tongue. Jinder interfered for the apparent no-contest. Khali cleared the ring and it was over.

5. R-Truth beat Evan Bourne. He won using his finisher after Bourne missed his top rope finisher.

Edge hosted The Cutting Edge with Randy Orton and Mark Henry. They talked and then they brawled. The locker room stormed to the ring to break them up. Henry cleaned house and then posed with the belt.

*PHOTOS* – see Sin Cara confront Sin Cara ->

source: ProWrestling.net

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