Snitsky's Future In Wrestling, Ashley Massaro Returning To The Ring?, Big Daddy V

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Regarding recently released WWE star Gene Snitsky’s future prospects in wrestling, they don’t look too good. Snitsky probably would have gotten regular work in Japan in another era due to his tremendous size, or perhaps even in Mexico, but the foreign groups are employing few Americans these days, so his odds aren’t good. As Tyson Tomko can attest to, he returned to the states because he was having trouble finding regular work in Japan. For foreigners to get work in Mexico these days, they either have to be particularly talented or have some really good connections as the regulars don’t like them coming in and taking their jobs. Regarding TNA, there doesn’t appear to be much interest in him there unless someone influential in the company such as Jeff Jarrett or Kurt Angle strongly pitches for him. Snitsky will probably just wind up on the U.S. indy circuit and doing appearances at various wrestling conventions.

— It was announced that former WWE Superstar Big Daddy V is coming to World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico on the first weekend of next year.

— Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has a new blog talking about what she’s been up to lately. She talks about her dog (who was recently killed after running on to the road), the holiday season, music, and more. In a passing note, she said might work out at a wrestling ring this coming week, as she hasn’t been in one in quite a while. Massaro wrote: “So I think this week I might head down to the ring here and work out some, just for fun for now, havent been in one in a while and I feel like messin around.” You can read her blog in its entirety at the following link.

See photo of Gene Snitsky out with his girlfriend (>>)

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