RAW Report 3/15/10 San Diego, California

RAW this week starts with video of last week when Vince and Cena faced off. Kozlov, McIntyre, Swagger and then Mark Henry threw everything at Cena, but he still wouldn’t stay down. Batista came in and speared Henry. Then Cena fought back. Cena had Vince up for the AA, but Batista speared him. Then a powerbomb and Vince pinned for three.

Music and pyro.

Cole says tonight it a ‘vintage’ Monday night RAW and he’s actually right with the WM Rewind matches!

Breaking glass and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin! He’s in a black t-shirt and blue jeans, his usual uniform. He poses in the corners, but only his fists are raised, no middle fingers in sight. “Austin” chants. He says it’s good to be here tonight. Just standing in this ring, here in the WWE, makes him want to open up a great big can of whoop ass. Hell yeah. He must be out of shape because coming down the aisle sure made him thirsty. He said when he signals, he wants a beer in the ring. He calls for hell yeah’s and gets them. With WM two weeks away, nobody knows the importance of WM like him. WM13 with Bret Hart. Passing out in a pool of his own blood is something you can’t forget. You put everything on the like because in this business it’s what you do. You hear Bret saying the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Bret is one of the best he’s been in the ring with. He never thought he’d see Bret face off with Vince. He knows Vince really well too. He doesn’t always see eye to you with him, but he brought a lot to the ring. He didn’t bring huge ring skills, but he always brought his A game. Tonight they’re signing the contract. Vince always tries to screw everyone, but he’s here to make sure this match goes into WM without any hitches. Hold on, he’s thirsty. Everyone’s always talking about Vince screwing Bret, but he won’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes. Makes no difference if he has to break his foot off in anyone’s ass (bleeped). That’s the bottom like because Stone Cold said so! Cena’s music and out he comes. In the ring Cena smiled and Austin waved his hand in front of his face in Cena’s ‘you can’t see me’ move. Austin left the ring, but then Big Show’s music. Austin seems to be keeping his hand over the can’s logo. They stared off on Big Show’s way to the ring.

They go at each other hard. “Cena” chants. Cena to the mat. Cena up on Big Show and Big Show falls back to slam Cena to the mat.

– Commercial

Chinlock on Cena in the center of the ring. He got free and went for the STF, but was kicked from the ring. Cena to his feet and Big Show pulls him up by his head, but Cena hangs Big Show up top. Cena in with punches and picks Big Show up, but couldn’t do it and fell back. Big Show pinned for two. Cena whipped. Big Show up on the second ropes, but Cena rolled out of the way of the splash. Big Show rushes Cena who gets his feet up. Cena climbs and drops a leg to ride Big Show down to the mat. Cena set up for the five knuckle shuffle, but Batista’s music. Cena finished the move. Batista distracted and then Cena walked into a chokeslam for two. Big Show was shocked Cena kicked out. Cena ducked the punch and got Big Show up, but Batista distracted and Big Show raked the eyes. Punch from Big Show and he pinned for three.

– Winner: Big Show

Batista crawled into the ring and spoke to Cena quietly before sliding back out and leaving. Video of Batista’s distraction and Big Show’s win. Cena was left lolling on the mat.

– Commercial

Evan Bourne in the ring. Sheamus out to face him. Someone has a big Ronald McDonald cut out in the front row – it had Sheamus’ moustache!

Sheamus grabbed a mic and said before he starts his match… then he hit Evan with the mic! Big boot to Evan. Sheamus then hit his finisher on Evan who rolled from the ring. Sheamus then grabbed the mic again and said, as he was saying, as a young fellah growing up in Ireland he looked up to the WWE superstars. But there was one man who was so mean and selfish he’d sell his best friend down the river. He’d use a sledge to get the title and stay there. That’s HHH. He went through Austin, Rock, Cena, HBK and Taker. Over the years it’s brought him countless titles. Now Sheamus, in less than one year has ended careers, dominated RAW and become Champion. At WM he was supposed to defend his WWE Championship, but HHH ruined it for him. He wants to thank him for that because he wanted to face HHH. In two week’s time he gets his chance. HHH said it could be a turning point in Sheamus’ career, but it will be a turning point in HHH’s because he’ll beat HHH like never before. At WM the King of Kings will be destroyed and Sheamus will take his throne. Video of Sheamus destroying Evan, even though the bell was never rung.

Backstage HBK walks up on Austin. He said he needs to know if Austin thinks he can beat Taker. Austin said yes he can, but he won’t. the streak goes to 18-0. HBK said he knew he’d get a straight answer. After WM14 everyone thought HBK’s career was over. They were wrong. Tonight when he faces Jericho, he’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that… Jericho comes in and taunts HBK. He thanks Austin for giving him one more chance to make a fool of HBK. HBK says he’s sorry if he gave the impression that he was just going to beat him. Last week Taker sent a message by destroying four guys. Tonight he’ll sends one back by destroying Jericho. Jericho said HBK’s crazy. Jericho tried to get out of the match and wanted to go drinking like the old days. They both laugh, but Austin stopped first. Austin threw Jericho out of his office.

– Commercial

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Kelly out in an electric blue two piece outfit. Maryse out to face her in black. She does her hair flip pose as she gets in the ring.

Maryse poses again for the fans who boo. Kelly posed and got pop. Maryse attacked but Kelly got the upper hand and ended up on top of Maryse on the mat. Maryse grabbed Kelly’s foot and flipped her but Kelly landed on her feet and kicked Maryse. Kelly takes Maryse down for two. Maryse slams Kelly face first into a corner, then a sick DDT on Kelly for three.

– Winner: Maryse

Maryse poses for the fans. Maryse grabs her belt but then puts it down so she can kick Kelly in the ribs. Kelly rolls from the ring and Maryse follows to slam Kelly into the barrier. Back into the ring but Kim and Eve run out and take Maryse apart. They then go check on Kelly. Then Michelle and Layla run to the ring in matching outfits and attack Eve and Kim. Michelle rushes Kim in a corner as if she’s slamming Kim’s head with her leg, but her leg was no where near Kim’s head. Eve took Layla down, but Layla fought back and Michelle went to kick her but had to spin twice to get the kick right as the first one didn’t happen. Vicki was on stage applauding her girls. Vicki, Michelle, Layla and Maryse headed backstage together.

– Commercial

Great video about Taker’s WM Streak. Video of matches and past opponents talking about how great he is and his streak is. But on the other hand HBK is the one man who might be able to beat the streak.

HBK’s music and he comes out to the ring with full pyro. He poses for the fans and looks intent on this match. Jericho out to face him.

– Commercial

HBK on Jericho hard, taking him down a couple times. HBK chops Jericho in a corner. Snap mare and a stomp to Jericho’s chest. Jericho whipped, but moves and HBK hit’s the ring post shoulder first. Jericho telegraphs and is kicked. HBK rides Jericho to the mat with a Fez press. HBK rushes Jericho but is sent over the top. “HBK” chants. Jericho out after HBK and bounces his head off the apron. Back in the ring Jericho whips HBK up into the bottom rope. Jericho then poses for the fans and gets heat. Jericho drops a forearm to HBK’s head. Head/armlock on HBK. HBK to his feet and free. Chops to Jericho, but then Jericho whips and HBK hit’s the mat. Jericho stomps HBK. “you suck” chants for Jericho. Knee to HBK’s face and then Jericho slaps HBK’s head over and over yelling that he’s nothing. “HBK” chants. Chinlock on HBK in the center of the ring. HBK up and out of the hold. Chops to Jericho on the ropes. Flying forearm to Jericho. HBK nips up. Inverted atomic drop in a ‘vintage’ move. HBK tries to flip Jericho, but Jericho climbs down HBK’s body. HBK rolls up into a small package for two. HBK gets his knees up to avoid the lionsault. HBK climbs and drops his elbow. HBK tunes up the band. Jericho flees the move and the ring. Jericho heads up the ramp as the ref counts. Jericho points back as the ref counts to ten.

– Winner: HBK by Count Out

Edge’s music and attacks Jericho from behind. Edge beat Jericho through the crowd. Jericho into the barrier, but had to throw himself over as he didn’t have enough momentum from the throw. Then the barrier broke. Edge follows Jericho into the ring and after setting it up, hits his spear. Edge grabs a mic and gets right down next to Jericho and says one word, “Spear.” Video of Edge’s attack on Jericho. Edge has backed up the ramp watching Jericho closely. In the ring Jericho holds his belt close while looking up at Edge.

– Commercial

Video of Orton facing Legacy last week in a Handicap Match. Orton held his own for as long as he could, but the numbers caught up with him and he had no chance. They announce a Triple Threat Match for WM.

Backstage Orton is taping up. Josh asks if this announcement messes with his focus. Orton says he will beat HHH and doesn’t like HHH. But he respects him and takes him seriously. He doesn’t take Ted and Cody seriously. They think they can take him down, they’re not on his level. Triple Threat means no friends. At WM they will learnt hat without Orton they’re absolutely nothing.

Backstage HHH is headed for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – HHH in Sheamus’ face telling him he’d better be sure before walking into WM. Sheamus attacked, but HHH fought back. HHH took Sheamus apart.

King told Cole to tell fans what they’ve missed so far tonight. Video of Cena in the ring with Big Show and Batista came out to cause troubles. Cena would have won if not for Batista’s distractions.

HHH’s music and out to the ring he comes with his long entrance. Orton out to face him.

They stalks around the ring then tie up. Orton got a few punches in and HHH backed into a corner. More punches. The ref backs him off. HHH sends Orton into the corner and nails with punches. The last punch Orton hit the mat. Orton whipped then HHH whipped and comes out with a clothesline. Suplex to Orton. HHH drops a knee on Orton for two. HHH runs the ropes and holds on so Orton’s dropkick doesn’t land and Orton hit’s the mat. HHH whipped, over the top and out holding his left upper arm. HHH up on the apron and Orton tried for the through the ropes DDT, but HHH climbed through and sent Orton out over the top. HHH went out after HHH. Orton sent HHH shoulder first into the steps. Orton then hit his DDT off the steps. Orton into the ring.

– Commercial

Chinlock on HHH in the center of the ring. Orton keeps the hold and hit’s a backbreaker. Orton stalks HHH for the RKO, but HHH pushes Orton off and then clotheslines Orton. Both are down. Punch from Orton, HHH returns one. Back and forth. HHH gains the upper hand, but a kick from Orton evens it up. HHH hits his high knee. Face buster on Orton, but Orton comes back with a really fast scoop slam for two. Orton slams HHH head into a corner. Orton whipped but hit’s a high elbow. Spine buster from HHH for two. Wild blow for Orton misses. HHH set up for the pedigree, but Orton back body drops out of it. Double clothesline and both are down. Orton out to the apron. HHH pulls him up but HHH hung up top. Orton caught coming through the ropes and pulls him through. HHH nails his pedigree, but then Cody and Ted rush in.

– Winner: HHH via DQ?

They take HHH apart and then attack Orton. They beat the heck out of Orton. HHH regains himself and comes in to help, but then Sheamus is there and attacks HHH. Legacy pulls Orton from the ring and continues to beat him outside the ring while Sheamus poses and yells over HHH’s body. Ted and Cody stare down at Orton on the floor.

Backstage Batista is heading to the ring with a big smile on his face.

– Commercial

They run through the names already announced for the WWE HOF. The next name is Gorgeous George! A wonderful video of his career.

King and Cole go through the matches slated for WM.

Batista out to the ring. Kofi Kingston comes out to face him. A cameraman got too close and appeared to get kicked as Kofi got up on a corner to pose.

Batista taunts Kofi, slapping his hands away and moving his hands like Kofi. Batista tacked Kofi into one corner then whipped him into the opposite. Kofi into another corner and beaten down with punches and stomps. The ref made Batista back off, but he went right back at it. Kofi up on Batista’s shoulder but get got down and fought back! A big dropkick then a flying forearm took Batista down. Batista from the ring. Kofi slid out but Batista moved. Kofi sent into the barrier. Batista, pissed, rushed Kofi in a corner. Kofi out and kicked Batista in the head. Kofi up and flew, but Batista put an arm out for Kofi to smash into. Spine buster and then Batista bomb and it was over.

– Winner: Batista

Batista’s head is busted open, there’s blood on his chest and arms. The ref brings a towel over the Batista, but Batista won’t let the ref clean him up. Video of the big moves in the match. Batista walks up the ramp dripping blood all over. A young man in a Cena shirt taunts Batista and he goes over and makes like he’s going to hit this guy with his bloody hand. The guy backs off. (Wonder how much trouble Batista is in for not letting the ref clean up the blood. Also wonder why the cameraman zoomed in on the blood on his hand so much.)

– Commercial

WM Recall – Pete Rose in the ring, 1998. Kane comes out with Paul Bearer. Kane grabbed Rose and hit a tombstone one him! Pete Rose will be the Special Guest Host next week. He’s made a match between HHH and Orton versus Legacy and Sheamus.

Bret Hart is announced by Justin and comes out to the ring, still using that crutch wrong. Vince comes strutting out all smiles. Vince taunts Bret by limping down to the ring. He stares in at Bret sitting at the table before climbing in himself. Bret stares from behind his aviator glasses. Vince stands, puts his hands on the table and stares down at Bret. Breaking glass and here comes Austin again! Austin gets right in Vince’s face in the ring, then smiles. Austin grabs a mic and tells Vince to sit. Vince does as told. Before they get down to business, he wants to take care of another piece of business. Last year Austin was inducted into the HOF and it was a great experience. It’s something he’s proud of. This year Stu Hart was supposed to go into the HOF. Vince got up. Austin told him to sit his #%&^ as down. Sit down or Austin will sit him down. Vince sat. Vince has the say so that Stu isn’t going into the HOF. If anyone who should be there is’d Bret’s father who trained so many. So he’s going to officially announce that Stu is going into the HOF. Austin asked Vince if he has a problem with that. Vince says he doesn’t. if Stu’s being inducted, then the whole Hart family will be there. Every Hart that stepped foot in the ring is a dysfunctional derelict. Except Bret who’s a dysfunctional handicapped derelict. Bret can not sign and show he’s a coward. Or he can sign it and get his ass kicked. If he signs it and doesn’t show Vince will sue him. Bret said he could have two broken legs and he’d be there. But this won’t be a wrestling match, this will be a fight, a massacre. Bret wants it to be No Holds barred Match. Vince says in the immortal words of Austin, ‘Oh hell yeah’. He’s said over and over that Bret screwed Bret. With this stipulation, Bret has again screwed Bret. Now sign it. Bret does just that. He slides it over and Vince stops. He thinks about things and gets huge heat from the fans. “Sign it!” chants. Vince signed. Austin says it’s official. At WM Bret Hart faces Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred Match. Austin said he’s looking forward to seeing Vince get the worst ass beating of his life (much of that was bleeped out). Austin up the ramp, but he stops and says there’s one thing he forgot to tell Vince. But then he said he’d let Bret tell him himself. Vince turns to see the fake cast on the table. Bret throws the crutch saying he doesn’t need this, he then says he doesn’t need the cast. Vince wouldn’t imagine how hard it was to put together that little stunt. Luckily Cena knows someone in the stunt business. If Vince tries to get out of this match, he’ll sue the heck out of Vince! Vince likes to say Bret screwed Bret, but tonight Vince screwed Vince. He asks if anyone wants a souvenir, but then hit Vince with the cast. Vince went flying over the table, Bret pushed the table over. Vince to his feet and Bret hit him with the cast again. Bret up the ramp holding the cast and smiling.

Biggest pop
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Bret Hart

Biggest heat
Vince McMahon

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