Matt Hardy Possibly Taking Time Off, Scott Hall Enters WWE Sponsored Rehab

— Matt Hardy noted on his Twitter account on Saturday that he will likely be taking some time away from the squared circle as a result of WWE’s ‘stringent health and wellness policies’.

“Thx 4 everyone who has been concerned about my foot being jammed between the steel steps,” Hardy wrote. “It was bad-it felt like my foot was bein cut off. Didn’t plan to take my boot off, but I had to immediately see how bad my foot was injured. Keep in mind, it bled thru my sock & ankle tape.

“I will most likely have to miss some ring time due to WWE’s stringent health & wellness policies. I’m sorry if I do guys & gals.”

— New Jersey based promotion Pro Wrestling Syndicate issued the following statement concerning former WWE performer Scott Hall:

Scott Hall was booked as our Guest Commissioner for this Sunday’s Pro Wrestling Syndicate event in Fairfield, Connecticut.

I just received a phone call from Hall’s booking agent Lenny informing me that Hall has been sent to a 50 day mandatory rehab facility in Texas by his probation officer. I am being told that the WWE is funding Hall’s rehab.

That being said, Scott Hall will not be appearing at PWS this Sunday or at any of his other scheduled bookings this weekend which includes a wrestling show in Brooklyn and several autograph signings.

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