Maryse Ouellet Comments On WWE Departure, Whether She Will Join TNA

Maryse Ouellet says her desire for “bigger and bigger things” in her career prompted her decision to part ways with WWE.

She tells Radar Online, “I have aspirations and there’s other stuff I want to work on, so I decided to go. That and for the simple fact that I didn’t want to be with the WWE for 25 years. I was there six years, I had my run, I wanted bigger and better things.”

The former Divas Champion was also asked why she said in a recent interview that she would not be joining TNA Wrestling.

“I decided to leave wrestling for other aspirations I have. I’m not going to go to TNA, I’m loyal to WWE — it wouldn’t make any sense!” she says.

Ouellet also discusses what she liked best about wrestling, Snooki competing last year at WrestleMania and more. The interview is available here.

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