Main Event Mafia Member Turns 40, Problems At Midway, Sting-Joe, Wrestling Time


— Despite lackluster sales for the TNA Impact video game, Midway recently announced plans to release a sequel to the game sometime in 2009. That is of course if the company can survive through 2009. Midway is going through some major financial problems at the moment as they $240 million in outstanding debt and $167.5 million in total assets. Additionally, this is before what are expected to be heavy losses this quarter. Some people believe the company won’t last through February 2009.

— For anyone interested, last Thursday’s edition of Impact featured a total of 22 minutes and 10 seconds of total wrestling action.

— Saturday morning’s replay of Impact drew a 0.3 cable rating, the same number as last week.

— Today is Kurt Angle’s birthday. The two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion turns 40 years old today. Now every single member of the Main Event Mafia is over 40 years old (with the exception of Sharmell).

— Sting and Samoa Joe are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Wrestling.

See photo of Shark Boy unmasked (>>)

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