Kevin Nash Very Concerned For Scott Hall's Health Despite WWE's Help


Kevin Nash recently sat down with Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal and shed some light on Scott Hall’s current condition. Hall has been battling substance abuse issues for many years and Nash said many people are concerned Hall will not overcome his demons.

“I was with him last weekend. He’s really having some hard times,” Nash said. “You know, the WWE is very concerned even though they’ve sent him several times on their dime. They’re very concerned that one of their guys is still out there and sick.”

Nash says no matter how many people offer Hall help, he won’t get better until he is ready to clean up. “Until he wants to take the steps to be clean, he’s just not going to be clean. There’s plenty of people that love him and want him to do it, it’s just, he’s got to make that decision himself. We can’t do it for him. Nor can Vince or anybody else.”

Last week WWE chairman Vince McMahon another letter to over 500 former WWE wrestlers offering to send them to substance abuse rehabilitation if they felt they needed it.

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