Hulk Hogan Denies Ex-Wife Linda's Abuse Accusations

Hulk Hogan has responded to his ex-wife Linda’s claims on the Today show that he was physically abusive towards her during their marriage – completely denying the claims and calling her “delusional.”

Hogan called into the Bubba The Love Sponge satellite radio show on Tuesday morning and gave his side of the story. Hogan said Linda told NBC host Matt Lauer a “total, blatant lie” and explained that he has no reason to respond to Linda.

Hulk told Buba that Linda is “still riding on the Hulk Hogan name” and is just trying to exploit his popularity – like the Ultimate Warrior and the Iron Shiek. “They all belong together.”

You can listen to audio from the interview segment here, courtesy of Bubba The Love Sponge:

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