Hulk Hogan Comments On Jeff Hardy, RVD, Kennedy & More Coming To TNA

Thanks to reader Andrew for sending in the following live report of Hulk Hogan’s Monday appearance on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show:

– Interestingly, he made mention of Rob Van Dam and how over he was in WWE. He said “politics” was the reason RVD was never as successful as he should have been.

– When Bubba mentioned Jeff Hardy, Hulk said he would “love to have Jeff Hardy” in TNA.

– Hulk said he has not spoken to Randy Savage or Scott Hall.

– Hogan said he has not spoken to Vince Russo. He once again said that if Vince Russo is able to come up with a great idea he would listen.

– He once again squashed rumors that he was only coming to TNA as a talent. He said that he would be the booker in TNA.

– Hogan said the writers will be in a “secondary position” in TNA and that if the workers have to have the writers to get over then they can “head up north [to WWE] where everything is scripted.”

– Hulk put over Umaga and Mr. Kennedy [Hulk called him Mr. Kennedy, not Mr. Anderson] saying they “tore it down” in Australia.

– Hulk told a story about when he was wrestling in San Francisco and met a then 3-year-old Eddie “Umaga” Fatu.

–Hogan said that the night before Umaga died, he spoke with him and told Umaga he would love to involve him in his plans for TNA, and that was the last time he ever spoke to him.

– Bubba mentioned that today is Ravishing Rick Rude’s birthday. Hogan put Rick over and said that he was really good friends with him. They spoke about some other topics including Hogan’s divorce and the Tiger Woods situation but that was the extent of the TNA and wrestling related topics that were covered.

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