Gene Snitsky Responds To Miz Fans With Multiple Homophobic Remarks

Former WWE talent Gene Snitsky posted multiple inflammatory remarks this afternoon on his Twitter account in response to widespread criticism over his unfavorable view of The Miz.

“Love the haters on twitter!!!! I beat the miz in 30 secs and he could nvr hold my jockstrap! Im a div 1 athelete, former NFL player! Fags,” he wrote.

“Do your research you fuckin no life pieces of shit! Lmao… Anyof you mommys boys ever accomplish nethin b sides sniffin ur moms panties.

“Get out of your mommys basement and stop jerkin off to gay porn u wanna beez!!!!! Rotflmao at these nerds!!!!

He also called a follower of his a “retard” in response to a remark that The Miz has a job. The former Heat Superstar then boasted that he’s featured in WWE’s upcoming video release, OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History, while The Miz isn’t.

“Oh and dont 4get im on the top 50 omg moments in WWE!!! Haha jackasses! Dont c miz on there!!!!! You DMF’s,” he wrote. “My time is money…. You idiots arent worth either! Lol peace out to all my beloved fans!!!! Have a wonderful day.”

Snitsky capped off his diatribe by saying that fans of The Miz are “Mizarks.”

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