Gabe Sapolsky Raves About His Experience Working With Dean Ambrose

Paul Heyman’s Heyman Hustle site has a guest blog up by Gabe Sapolsky, who talks about his memorable times working with Dean Ambrose in the Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE promotions. Here’s a sample of what Sapolsky wrote –

“I’ll never forget the very first moment I worked with the man now known as Dean Ambrose,” he wrote. “There was only one other time I experienced anything like it in my 10 year booking career and that was with Paul Heyman’s current top hustler, CM Punk.”

The first time he got a chance to work with Ambrose, “I eagerly awaited for Ambrose to arrive at the armory for the Peterson Cup. I wanted to see what he was all about face-to-face. Shortly after he arrived, I immediately seized the opportunity to work with him for the first time. I wasn’t sure what we had on our hands, but I was about to find out.”

“Come on,” I said to Ambrose before he had time to prepare for anything, “time to cut a promo.”

“We scurried into a back room, I think a janitor’s closet actually. He asked if there were any bullet points. I purposely told him to just run with whatever he thought the people should know about him. He then cut an amazing, unique and distinctive promo that floored me.”

When he was done my gut instincts were screaming, “PUT THIS GUY IN SOMETHING NOW!”

I didn’t even care if he could wrestle. His charisma, poise and presence was one-in-a-million. The only other time I was sold on a talent before seeing how well he could wrestle was CM Punk, who dazzled me by showing a command of the audience during a simple ring entrance. Fortunately, both Punk and Ambrose are equally great talents in the ring.”

You can read the full blog at the Heyman Hustle. Sapolsky’s next blog for the Hustle will discuss his time working with Seth Rollins.

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