CM Punk vs. Chris Brown Update, RAW Segment Runs Long, Jackson's Push Killed

— The segment on Monday’s RAW between The Undertaker and Triple H ran 8-9 minutes longer than it was scheduled for, which led to WWE taking time away from the Divas tag match and John Cena’s ring entrance.

— Ezekiel Jackson was recently considered for another push, but it appears those plans have been nixed. After losing clean to David Otunga on RAW, Jackson has lost 5 straight televised matches and has yet to win a televised match this year.

— To follow up on CM Punk and singer Chris Brown exchanging insults on Twitter over the weekend, Punk re-tweeted a comment from a fan that stated Punk and Brown should compete in an MMA fight with 5 minute rounds.

* CM PUNK & CHRIS BROWN Talk Trash On Twitter: Read Their Tweets Here (DAMN!)


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