Bobby Lashley Interview: Wrestling vs. MMA, Shane-UFC, Fedor, Lesnar (Video)

Last week I attended a Strikeforce MMA media workout event hyping the promotion’s live event in Miami over the weekend. At the media event, I was able to conduct a 9-minute interview with TNA star and Strikeforce heavyweight fighter Bobby Lashley, who won his fight against Wes Sims at the event. During the interview, me and a co-worker asked Lashley about:

– Training for Saturday night’s fight without knowing who his opponent would be until days before the event.

– His sparring partners and training regimen in preparation for his fight with Wes Sims this Saturday.

– How MMA will influence pro wrestling and how crossover stars such as himself will help it evolve in a different direction and conversely, how pro wrestling will influence MMA by incorporating some of the show business and promotional aspects that have kept wrestling so popular.

– Which MMA fighters he can see getting into pro wrestling after their fight careers are over.

– Whether he thinks the popularity he gained during his time in pro wrestling has opened doors for him in MMA.

– When he could see himself fighting Fedor Emelianenko.

– Shane McMahon’s love for MMA and the idea of him working with Strikeforce or UFC

Here’s the full interview:

** VIDEO of BOBBY LASHLEY Destroying His MMA Opponent Saturday Night (EXCLUSIVE!)

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