Backstage Heat On Snooki & Michelle McCool Headed Into WrestleMania

According to a reliable WWE source, there is backstage heat on the celebrity-involvement of Snooki in the tag team match at Wrestlemania, and the heat is not directed solely at the Jersey Shore star.

“We bust our asses 250 days a year on the road,” one prominent RAW-brand superstar claimed, “Snooki will cut right into everyone’s Wrestlemania paydays. And the whole show is built around Rock, who is not full time; Austin, from another era, too; Michael Cole, who doesn’t go on the road; Lawler, who doesn’t go on the road; Snooki, who is a three-shot appearance; and Michelle McCool, who is Undertaker’s wife and therefore doesn’t even go on the road with Layla El, who has to represent LayCool all by herself while her partner gets preferential treatment because of the person she married!”

No superstar we spoke with seems to mind Undertaker or Triple H getting top billing this Sunday since everybody acknowledges they’ve earned their rightful spots. However, many are unhappy with the preferential treatment McCool is afforded as well as the names previously mentioned collecting major paychecks for this year’s biggest show, and not helping the company “on a daily basis.”

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