Johnny Gargano Getting New Entrance Theme, #DIY Splitting Up?

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa have consistently proven to be one of the highlights of NXT these days. The team can have great matches with just about anybody, and their match against the Revival at NXT Takeover: Toronto was declared the ‘match of the year’ by a great number of fans. Fans of the team may have reason to be worried however, as a singer named Hope Vista tweeted that she will be recording the vocals for Johnny Gargano’s new theme. She stated via Twitter: “Tomorrow I am recording lead vocals for WWE star @JohnnyGargano‘s theme for when he enters the ring. Shall be interesting.” The tweet has since been deleted by Vista.
The alarming part of that tweet is how the singer only mentioned Johnny Gargano in her tweet. Fans have speculated that a #DIY breakup is imminent for months now, and that tweet could be hinting at a possible split from Ciampa sometime in the future. Gargano has taken the fall in many of the matches wherein the team has lost, and another failure to capture the Tag Team Championships could be the catalyst for Ciampa to turn on his partner. Coincidentally, the team has a final one-on-one rematch against the Authors of Pain to recapture the NXT Tag Team Championships this Saturday at NXT Takeover: Chicago in a ladder match. If the two of them are to lose this bout, could this be the final time that we ever see #DIY?
While this is certainly a possibility, it is entirely plausible that Hope Vista misspoke (mistweeted?), and forgot to include Tommaso in her tweet. The team’s current entrance theme is an instrumental piece, and there have also been past instances where lyrics and other sounds have been added to someone’s music. The team has been a major positive for the NXT show, losing them would be a devastating blow to their tag team division, but stars like Heavy Machinery have been considered as future contenders for the tag belts. Although #DIY has been fun to watch, Gargano did face Ciampa during the Cruiserweight Classic last year, and they proved there that they work just as well against each other than with each other. We shall see what happens in Chicago on May 20th.


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