WWE Women Won’t Be Part Of The Greatest Royal Rumble Event

WWE has been heavily promoting their next big event which is the Greatest Royal Rumble Event. The event will be emanating from Saudi Arabia and the event will be featuring The 50-man Royal Rumble Match as the main event and there will also be seven championship matches. This has put the company in a unique situation because with so much money to be made in the country and WWE pushing the show as a major event that will even be shown as a special on the WWE Network, there is news that there won’t be any woman competing on the event. 
With Saudi Arabia being a country where women aren’t allowed to compete, there will be no women’s title matches and very likely no women on the show at all, which goes against the company’s recent theme of pushing their female talent as male equivalents. It remains to be seen what backlash, if any, WWE will be facing over this inequality but the company remains committed to Saudi Arabia because there is a significant amount of money to be paid over the next decade.

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