WWE Tough Enough episode 9 results (August 18): ZZ vs. Josh vs. Tanner

By Kenneth Nida, WrestlingObserver.com

Tonight’s episode of Tough Enough will be the penultimate episode of season six. There are two female competitors left, so tonight will see one of three male competitors eliminated. ZZ always has the fan vote, so it seems like he’s going to the finals by default. Between Josh and Tanner I’d lean toward Josh joining ZZ in the finals, but it really depends on which guy comes off more likeable tonight. Daniel Bryan still hasn’t used his save, and tonight would be his last opportunity to save someone.

We start with a look back at last week after Gigi’s elimination. Amanda attempts to plant doubt in Sara Lee’s head by asking if she feels guilty for being saved by her fans. She forgot to mention Miz saving her because he thought she was hot. The first challenge starts with the male competitors helping NXT Superstar’s assemble the ring before a show. Once they have the ring built, all the competitors will come up with a finishing move for their character.

Tanner decides to go with a top rope finisher, but has trouble emoting. He ends up going with a shout before hitting a cross body dive. Josh wants to use a Power bomb, but the judges turn him down because of safety concerns, and suggest a power slam instead. Amanda does a variation of Bo Dallas’ Bo dog. ZZ chooses a variation of a Crossface, comparing it to how he holds an alligator when taping its mouth shut. Sara Lee chooses an armbar after Lita’s suggestion.

Back at the barracks the contestants discuss their challenge. ZZ and Amanda have a heart to heart about Amanda’s ability to compete against Sara Lee. Tanner and Josh discuss their frustration with ZZ getting votes even though he’s not putting in the work. The judges ask the competitors rapid-fire questions. They really lay into ZZ. Josh gets a sympathetic softball with the judges asking him about his daughter. His other question was if his strategy was to blend into the background early, and then emerge as a superstar.

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The male contestants get 30 seconds to plead their case. Josh promises to “Bring the sauce out.” With Josh’s promo being the most charismatic of the three, it really feels like Tanner is gone. They ask Sara Lee and Amanda who they think should go home, and both say Tanner. Daniel Bryan declines to use his save. Josh gets 46% of the vote, ZZ gets 34% of the vote, and with 20% of the vote, Tanner is eliminated.

Next week will be the final episode. It’s announced that next week the remaining contestants will have their first live wrestling match in front of the judges and studio audience. They will have a week to assemble their ring gear, entrances, and to put together the match with their partner.

Tonight’s poll showed that ZZ could easily lose next week to Josh. ZZ is the opposite of what the WWE normally looks for, but Josh feels like last season’s winner Andy with slightly more charisma; Andy only appeared on television one time after he won for a reason.

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